Paige Mudd, executive editor, 649-6671,

Mike Szvetitz, managing editor, 649-6456,

Karri Peifer, assignment and breaking news editor, 649-6321,

Paul Whelan, editor, 649-6827,


Gregory J. Gilligan, editor 649-6379,

John Reid Blackwell, manufacturing/insurance/startup business reporter, 775-8123,


Reed Williams, editor, 649-6332,

Mark Bowes, Chesterfield police, courts and public safety reporter, 649-6450,

Frank Green, federal courts reporter, 649-6340,

Ali Rockett, Richmond, Henrico and Hanover police, courts and public safety reporter, 649-6527,


Rafael Bustamante, designer, 649-6017,

Carl Hott, designer, 775-8071,

Justin Morrison, designer, 649-6899,

Matt Pallister, designer, 649-6253,

Kira Rider, designer, 649-6087,

Dave Sager, designer, 649-6428,


John Ramsey, editor, 649-6911,

Sabrina Moreno, Community and COVID-19 reporter, 649-6103,, @sabrinaamorenoo

Eric Kolenich, higher education reporter, 649-6109,


Colleen Curran, arts & entertainment reporter, 649-6151,

Bill Lohmann, columnist and features reporter, 649-6639,


Kenya Hunter, K-12 education reporter, 649-6948,

Jessica Nocera, Chesterfield and Henrico reporter, 649-6023,, @jessmnocera

Holly Prestidge, Hanover schools and feature reporter, 649-6945,

C. Suarez Rojas, City of Richmond and transportation reporter, 649-6178,, @suarez_CM

Mark Robinson, Housing and Richmond reporter, 649-6734,

Michael Paul Williams, Metro columnist, 649-6815,


Michelle Combs, copy editor, 649-6800,

Neil Cornish, copy editor, 649-6146,

Symea Fitts, copy editor, 649-6310,

Linda Hall, copy editor, 649-6545,

Mary Katheryn Luther, copy editor,

Anastazja Kolodzie, copy editor,


James Wallace, editor, 649-6541,

Dean Hoffmeyer, video editor, 649-6386,

Shaban Athuman, photographer, 649-6382,

Bob Brown, senior photographer, 649-6382,

Daniel Sangjib Min, photographer , 649-6382,

Eva Russo, photographer,

Alexa Edlund Welch, photographer , 649-6382,


Michael Phillips, editor , 649-6546,

Mike Barber, University of Virginia and Virginia Tech sports reporter, 649-6546,

Wayne Epps Jr., VCU and general assignment sports reporter, 649-6442,

John O’Connor, University of Richmond and Flying Squirrels reporter, 649-6233,

Tim Pearrell, high school sports reporter, 649-6965,

Stan Cary, sports copy editor, 649-6462,

Dylan Garner, sports designer and copy editor, 649-6059,

Vince Shaw, sports designer and copy editor, 649-6443,

Chris Wilbers, sports designer and copy editor, 649-6837,

Zach Joachim, general assignment sports reporter and designer/copy editor, 649-6555,


Andrew Cain, editor, 649-6645,

Michael Martz, state politics reporter, 649-6964,

Mel Leonor, state politics reporter, 649-6254,

Jeff Schapiro, politics columnist, 649-6814,

Patrick Wilson, state politics reporter, 649-6061,

Last updated: October 2021