AFFIDAVIT OF WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Kay-Edo holder of the House of Jungle ESTATE come forth by blood as direct descendant as the executor public, private, medical and financial attorney for Estate KAY EDO JUNGLE. I am the executor and beneficiary over all DBA's, LLC's and Trust ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, perpetually. I affirm that I am doing business as Esango Jide, KAY EDO JUNGLE, and Chief-Jaguar Paw to reduce the public debt out of Virginia Headquarters 37.5537134, -77.4810094. I am a free inhabitant with the rights to ingress and regress. The race codes I identify as is 667, B21, A45, H34, and 998. I deny and prohibit services from any organization, corporate or private, to collect services in the United States without a contract from the Treasury and production of WILL. I am a federally protected consumer, private civilian traveling, not trafficking in commerce sojourning on this land. I choose to operate out of a trust and use my person as a form of credit and this security agreement shall be issued to any firm to acknowledge and accept this notice of record as a transaction to set off any matters nunc pro tunc pursuant the declaration of Congress 15 USC 1601. I, Jungle, Kay-Edo affirm that I am a church member, ambassador with tribal affiliations and a tribal council, protected under treaties with the United States. See for those instruments.