NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC BY VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY D/B/A DOMINION ENERGY VIRGINIA IN THE MATTER OF AMENDING REGULATIONS GOVERNING NET ENERGY METERING CASE NO. PUR-2020-00195 The Regulations Governing Net Energy Metering, 20 VAC 5-315-10 et seq. ("Net Energy Metering Rules"), adopted by the State Corporation Commission ("Commission") pursuant to § 56-594 of the Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act, Chapter 23 (§ 56-576 et seq.) of Title 56 of the Code of Virginia ("Code"), establish the requirements for participation by an eligible customer-generator in net energy metering in the Commonwealth. The Net Energy Metering Rules include conditions for interconnection and metering, billing, and contract requirements between net metering customers, electric distribution companies, and energy service providers. Chapter 1188 of the 2020 Acts of Assembly amended § 56-594 of the Code to (1) increase the caps on participation in net metering by residential and nonresidential customers; (2) establish revised limits on capacity on net metering facilities based on the customer's expected annual energy consumption; (3) require the Commission to conduct a net metering proceeding under parameters set by the Code when certain criteria have been met; and (4) permit localities meeting criteria established in the Code to install solar or wind-powered facilities under parameters set forth in the statute. The current Net Energy Metering Rules thus must be revised to reflect the changes set forth in Chapter 1188. On October 21, 2020, the Commission issued an Order Establishing Proceeding seeking to amend the Net Energy Metering Rules to provide for net metering by eligible customer-generators as defined in the Code. The proposed rules ("Proposed Rules") are appended to the Order Establishing Proceeding. TAKE NOTICE THAT on or before December 22, 2020, any interested person may comment on, propose modifications or supplements to, or request a hearing on the Proposed Rules following the instructions on the Commission's website: All comments shall refer to Case No. PUR-2020-00195. Individuals should be specific in their comments, proposals, or supplements to the Proposed Rules and address only those issues pertaining to the amendment of § 56-594 of the Code pursuant to Chapter 1188 of the 2020 Acts of Assembly. Issues outside the scope of implementing this amendment will not be open for consideration. Any request for hearing shall state with specificity why the issues raised in the request for hearing cannot be adequately addressed in written comments. If a sufficient request for hearing is not received, the Commission may consider the matter and enter an Order based upon the comments, documents or other pleadings filed in this proceeding. The Commission further takes judicial notice of the ongoing public health emergency related to the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and the declarations of emergency issued at both the state and federal levels. In accordance therewith, all pleadings, briefs, or other documents required to be served in this matter shall be submitted electronically to the extent authorized by 5 VAC 5-20-150, Copies and format, of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure ("Rules of Practice"). Confidential and Extraordinarily Sensitive information shall not be submitted electronically and should comply with 5 VAC 5-20-170, Confidential information, of the Rules of Practice. For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, any person seeking to hand deliver and physically file or submit any pleading or other document shall contact the Clerk's Office Document Control Center at (804) 371-9838 to arrange the delivery. Pursuant to 5 VAC 5-20-140, Filing and service, of the Commission's Rules of Practice, the Commission has directed that service on parties and the Commission's Staff in this matter shall be accomplished by electronic means. Please refer to the Commission's Order Establishing Proceeding for further instructions concerning Confidential or Extraordinarily Sensitive Information. An electronic copy of the Order Establishing Proceeding and Proposed Rules may be obtained by submitting a written request to counsel for the Company, David J. DePippo, Esquire, Dominion Energy Services, Inc., 120 Tredegar Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, or Any documents filed in paper form with the Office of the Clerk of the Commission in this docket may use both sides of the paper. In all other respects, except as modified by the Commission's Order Establishing Proceeding, all filings shall comply fully with the requirements of 5 VAC 5-20-150, Copies and format, of the Commission's Rules of Practice. The Commission's Rules of Practice, the Order Establishing Proceeding and Proposed Rules, and the Order Modifying Notice Requirements may be viewed at: VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY D/B/A DOMINION ENERGY VIRGINIA


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