V I R G I N I A: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE CITY OF RICHMOND John Marshall Courts Building VIRGINIA DAVIES SANFORD, Administrator of the Estate of THOMAS DENISON SANFORD, SR., Deceased Plaintiff, v. Case No. CL21-752-1 SUSAN CAMPBELL SANFORD, Serve: VIA REQUEST FOR ORDER OF PUBLICATION PURSUANT TO Virginia Code 8.01-316 And THOMAS DENISON SANFORD, JR. Defendants. ORDER OF PUBLICATION The above-referenced matter is a Partition suit concerning the real property located at, and commonly known as 4206 Echo Ho Lane, Richmond, Virginia 23235 (the "Property"), which was owned by Thomas Denison Sanford, Sr., Deceased. The children of Thomas Denison Sanford, Sr., Deceased, are: Susan Campbell Sanford, daughter of decedent, and Thomas Denison Sanford, Jr., son of decedent. Thomas Denison Sanford, Sr.'s wife pre-deceased him. On November 21, 2016, VIRGINIA D. SANFORD AND THOMAS D. SANFORD, JR. were appointed by Henrico Circuit Court as Co-Guardians and Co-Conservators for THOMAS DENISON SANFORD, SR., an incapacitated person. Defendant Susan Campbell Sanford previously resided at the Property until she was arrested, pled GUILTY to Financial Exploitation of Mentally Incapacitated Person and was incarcerated. Following her release, Susan Campbell Sanford failed to report in with her Probation Officer and her whereabouts are unknown. An affidavit for service by order of publication has been made and filed by the Plaintiff, having been unable to locate Defendant Susan Campbell Sanford. It is accordingly ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Defendant Susan Campbell Sanford, whose whereabouts are unknown, shall be served by Publication and she shall do what is necessary to protect her interests. An Extract, Teste: Edward F. Jewett, Clerk