VIRGINIA: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE COUNTY OF HANOVER GRAYSON S. JOHNSON, EXECUTOR under the will of BENJAMIN C. DAVIS, Plaintiff, v. CL21003542-00 AMERPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC Serve: CT Corporation System, Registered Agent 4701 Cox Road, Suite 285 Glen Allen, VA 23060 (Henrico County) and WILBUR SHAVENDER, if living and, if not, his heirs, successors and assigns. ORDER OF PUBLICATION To: Wilbur Shavender, address unknown The object of this suit is to ascertain those persons entitled to an Ameriprise account in the name of the estate of Benjamin C. Davis, deceased, that was payable on the death of Benjamin C. Davis to Wilbur Shavender. An affidavit having been made that the whereabouts and post office address of Wilbur Shavender are unknown; that his last known post office address was P.O. Box 74215, Richmond, VA 23236 and his last known physical address was 13429 Greenwood Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059; and that there may be other unknown heirs, devisees and successors in interest of Wilbur Shavender, who may have an interest in said Ameriprise account, and that their names, whereabouts and post office addresses, if any, are unknown, it is hereby ORDERED that such persons appear on or before the 21st day of December, 2021, and take such steps as may be necessary to protect their interests in this suit. It is further ORDERED that this Order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a newspaper of paid general circulation in the County of Hanover, and that a copy of this Order be posted at the front door of the Courthouse of this County. ENTER: J. Overton Harris, Judge DATE: 10/25/21 I ask for this: Grayson S. Johnson, VSB #12636 Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, PC P.O. Box 100 Rockville, VA 23146 Phone 804-749-3241 Fax 804-749-3321