V I R G I N I A: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE CITY OF RICHMOND IRMA B. DILLARD and GERALDINE H. ELLISON, ADMINISTRATORS OF THE ESTATE OF BOYLANN GREY JOHNSON, Plaintiffs, v. Case No. CL22-2774-1 SPENCER J. CARTER, III, et al., Defendants. ORDER OF PUBLICATION The object of this suit is to ascertain those person or persons entitled to receive the proceeds, in part or in full, of the Estate of Boylann Grey Johnson (the "Estate"); and otherwise to obtain aid and guidance concerning the administration of the Estate. According to an affidavit of Due Diligence filed according to law by Irma B. Dillard and Geraldine H. Ellison, Administrators of the Estate, said Administrators affirmed to the court that they retained the services of VanLongen LLC, forensic genealogists, to properly research and ascertain the heirs of Boylann Grey Johnson. However, it appearing to the Court that there may be persons, whose names are unknown (collectively, the "Parties Unknown") and who may be heirs, devisees, successors in interest, and/or generally interested in the estate of Boylann Grey Johnson, and that their names, whereabouts, and mailing address, if any, are unknown. It is, therefore, ORDERED, that such persons appear on or before November 1 , 2022, and take such steps as may be necessary to protect their interests in this suit. ENTERED: 9/1/22 Hon. Phillip L. Hairston., Judge I ask for this: Paula L. Peaden (VSB # 30472) Trevor B. Reid (VSB #77233) PARKER, POLLARD, WILTON & PEADEN, P.C. 6802 Paragon Place, Suite 205 Richmond, VA 23230-1655 (804) 262-3600 telephone (804) 262-3284 facsimile Counsel for Petitioner