REQUEST FOR LETTERS OF INTEREST and Statements of Qualifications University of Virginia UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL BUILDING Envelope Replacement Study RFP #21-11 The University of Virginia (University or UVA) invites highly qualified architectural consulting firms to submit Letters of Interest/ Statements of Qualifications and associated supporting materials for consideration in the selection of a consultant team to provide planning, clinical programming, architectural, and engineering design services for developing alternatives to replace the University Hospital's exterior envelope in accordance with the latest version of the UVA Higher Education Capital Outlay Manual (HECOM). The design and construction phases of the Project will follow this initial planning, programming, and concept design phase. The successful firm may be awarded all Project phases at the University's option, under the same terms and conditions. Purpose and Program Background: The University Hospital designed and constructed in the late 1980s is a Level 1 trauma center and houses over 600 inpatient beds, procedural and operating rooms, specialized diagnostic services, and a myriad of support functions (See Appendix A Images). During the last ten years, the UVA Medical Center has made major investments in critical infrastructure systems supporting the UVA Hospital including emergency power, heating, cooling, ventilation, mechanical systems, fire alarms, and building automation systems. Many of these critical patient care functions require specialized enclosures to provide appropriate conditions including temperature, relative humidity, and differential pressure. These enclosures require focused design consideration to ensure maintenance of these operational conditions and avoid negative effects. In recent years, the UVA Hospital has experienced significant environmental issues with infiltration of water, air, and condensation, attributed to the continued deterioration of the building envelope that forms the primary barrier to the outside environment. The white exterior metal panel building system is not unique to UVA and was a popular building envelope system throughout the 1980s and 1990s. These systems are failing in varying degrees and are now being replaced on numerous buildings throughout the country. A forensic study that investigated the condition of the building's exterior envelope concluded that the primary source of water and air intrusion into the patient care environment was due to cold air infiltration through the building façade and window perimeters. Interim sealing and remedial measures were subsequently employed with limited success, but water infiltration and condensation issues continue. Project Drivers: The initial phase of this Project will focus on developing and evaluating options to replace the existing deteriorating hospital envelope with a high performing and durable exterior assembly. Key considerations include constructability options that minimize disruption to the hospital's operations, a high efficiency exterior envelope system to reduce energy use and UVA's carbon footprint, and to evaluate the initial cost as well as the lifecycle cost implication of the various options. Opportunities to provide other needed infrastructure will be examined, such as waste pipe replacement, if deemed feasible and compatible with the exterior replacement scope of work. In addition, UVA Health has invested in two major expansions of the original hospital during the last ten years, and the new exterior envelope system will need to complement these additions to create a unified aesthetic for the UVA Hospital. A complete copy of this Request for Qualifications, including the submittal due date, is available on the Facilities Planning & Construction, Office of Contract Administration website at: All questions should be directed ONLY to Bruce Jackson at 434-924-6387 or