Public Notice

The Planning Commission of Chesterfield County, on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 beginning at 6:00 p.m., in the Public Meeting Room
at 10001 Iron Bridge Road, Chesterfield, Virginia, will consider the following requests. If all items cannot be completed on Tuesday,
May 18, 2021, the meeting will be recessed to Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus health emergency, the meeting will proceed under modified procedures. The public
is encouraged to submit comments through electronic means, email, by the internet, through the mail or by telephone. Citizens are
encouraged to use the on-line comment form at (to be activated on May 11, 2021) or email at or by calling 804-748-1125. Citizens are encouraged to submit comments no later than 5:00 p.m. on May
17, 2021 to ensure that the comments are provided to the Planning Commission prior to the meeting for their consideration.
Access by the public to the Public Meeting Room may be severely restricted or even eliminated, depending on the prevailing
circumstances on the day of the meeting. The meeting may also take place at a different location or entirely by electronic and
remote means without Planning Commissioners, applicants, staff and/or citizens physically present in the same room. These revised
procedures are subject to change depending on the advice of health officials. For the most current information, contact the Planning
Department at 748-1050 or visit on May 17, 2021 PRIOR to the meeting.
20SN0516: In Dale Mag Dist Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors reqs cond use to permit a private school & cond use planned
development to permit exceptions to ord requirements & development standards & amdt to zon dist map in a R-7 dist on 34.61 acs
known as 6511 Belmont Rd. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comprehensive Plan suggests property is appropriate Suburban
Res II use 2 to 4 dwellings/ac.
20SN0567: In Clover Hill Mag Dist Lake Adventures LLC project commonly known as The Lake reqs amdt of zon approval Case
16SN0704 rel to cash proffers master plan utilities transportation improvements density uses building heights & phasing plus a cond
use to permit sales of alcoholic beverages for onsite consumption within 500’ of certain schools & amdt of zon dist map in a C-4
dist on 104.58 acs located in NE & NW quadrants of Genito Rd & Genito Place at Route 288. Density controlled by conds or Ord.
Comp Plan suggests Regional Mixed Use.
21SN0527: In Dale Mag Dist Kenneth Lankey Lynda Heithaus & Simon Green req rezon from I-1 & A to I-1 on 21.43 acs with cond
use planned development to permit a contractor’s office shop & storage yard on 13.4 acs & exceptions to development standards plus
an exception to Section 18-60 of Utility Ordinance for connection to public wastewater system on 21.43 acs & amdt of zon dist map
front 1700’ on N line of Whitepine Rd 900’ N of Redpine Rd. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Industrial use.
21SN0546: In Midlothian Mag Dist Westchester Towns Development Company LLC reqs amdt of zon approval Case 06SN0191 to
permit residential townhouse use & amdt of zon dist map in a I-2 dist on 13.5 acs front in 2 places for 900’ along W line of Watkins
Centre Pkwy 1150’ N of Midlothian Tnpk. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Regional Mixed Use.
21SN0575: In Dale Mag Dist McShay Communities Inc. reqs rezon from A to R-12 & amdt of zon dist map on 11.2 acs located at
SE corner of Salem Church & Kingsland Rds. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Suburban Res II use 2 to
4 dwellings/ac.
21SN0589: In Bermuda Mag Dist Cassy Paminiano reqs rezon from R-7 to O-2 & amdt of zon dist map on 0.52 ac known as 3815
Hundred Rd. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Office/Res Mixed Use.
21SN0603: In Midlothian Mag Dist Sean Woehrle reqs amdt of zon approval Case 05SN0249 to modify development standards
rel to tree preservation strip & setback & amdt of zon dist map in a R-15 dist on 0.68 ac known as 3625 Stone Harbor Dr. Density
controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Low Density Res use max of 1 dwelling/ac.
21SN0607: In Clover Hill Mag Dist Village of Faith Ministries reqs cond use for a tattoo parlor & amdt of zon dist map in a C-3
dist on 1.52 acs known as 10902 Hull Street Rd. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Community Business use.
21SN0619: In Matoaca Mag Dist Clover Hill Assembly of God reqs cond use to permit a private school & child day care on 8.96 acs
with cond use planned development to permit exceptions to development standards on 12.96 acs & amdt of zon dist map in an A dist
known as 12310 Bailey Bridge Rd. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Suburban Res II use 2 to 4 dwellings/ac.
20SN0608 Deferred from 04/20/2021 AMENDED: In Matoaca Mag Dist Oasis Park LLC reqs rezon from A to R-TH dist cond
use to permit a communications tower & a cond use planned development to permit exceptions to ord requirements & development
standards & amdt of zon dist map on 59.8 acs front 1700’ on E line of Fox Club Pkwy front 1500’ on N line of Cosby Rd & front
2250’ on S line of Millwood School Ln. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Medium-High Density Res use
min 4 to 8 dwellings/ac.
21SN0548 Deferred from 03/22/2021: In Matoaca Mag Dist Manage This LLC; Kristy Stopf; Karen Marsh; Kimberly Terry; Elicia
Lambert; Richard & Linda Stopf; Stopf Montez Development LLC; & Daniel & Jeannette Montez req rezon from A to R-MF with
cond use planned development to permit exceptions to ord requirements & development standards & amdt of zon dist map on 48.4
acs located in SE quadrant of Otterdale Rd & Woolridge Rd known as 6711 6721 6801 & 6811 Otterdale Rd & 6501 6521 & 6611
Woolridge Rd. Density controlled by conds or Ord. Comp Plan suggests Suburban Res I use max of 2 dwellings/ac.
Midlothian Special Design District (MSDD) and Parking for Certain Office and Commercial Uses Countywide (20PJ0121).
An ordinance to amend the Code of the County of Chesterfield, 1997, as amended, by amending and reenacting Sections 19.1-53,
19.1-61, 19.1-66, 19.1-71, 19.1-76, 19.1-81,19.1-86, 19.1-92, 19.1-97, 19.1-111, 19.1-112, 19.1-121, 19.1-127, 19.1-129, 19.1-131, 19.1133, 19.1-235, 19.1-236, 19.1-237, 19.1-238, 19.1-251, 19.1-263, 19.1-341, 19.1-373, 19.1-374, 19.1-375, 19.1-376 and 19.1-570 of the
zoning ordinance relative to the Midlothian Special Design District (MSDD) and Parking for Certain Office and Commercial Uses
Countywide. Among other things, this amendment would amend the purpose and intent of the MSDD to meet the Midlothian
Community Special Area Plan and to protect and enhance the county’s attractiveness to residents, tourists, and other visitors; to
enhance economic opportunity; to preserve and increase property values; and to support and stimulate complementary development
and future growth that promotes important design elements provided within the plan and properties of historic, architectural and
cultural significance provided within this key gateway to, and destination within, the county, expand the geography as shown on map
subject to MSDD requirements for Office (O) and Commercial (C) property, provide that Industrial (I) property within the MSDD
geography be subject to Emerging Growth Design District (EGDD) (Secs. 19.1-340-342) and adjust the boundary of the EGDD to
accommodate expansion of MSDD by making new boundaries of the EGDD to include the following areas: South and West of Little
Tomahawk Station, Otterdale, Haywood Village and Madison Village subdivisions; North and West of the Norfolk Southern railroad;
west of Charter Colony Pkwy and South and East of N. Woolridge Rd.; East of Falling Creek; and South of the Norfolk Southern
railroad east of Old Buckingham Station Apartments. The various numerical regulations addressed below may be increased, or
decreased, by the Planning Commission after the public hearing. For O and C property in the MSDD it would among other things
require along all roads, other than limited access, street trees, street lights, and sidewalks; require street trees within hardscaped areas
have grated tree wells; require onsite vehicular circulation and reciprocal access between properties; require deck parking have
commercial or office uses on ground floor or located behind building on lot and if detached be compatible with principal buildings in
project; prohibit drive-in/drive-thru facilities and gasoline pumps between building and road and minimize views of stacking spaces or
pumps; prohibit use of unadorned or unpainted concrete block, unfinished corrugated metal or unfinished sheet metal on building
facades visible from road or having an entrance; require building architecturally to front and have main entrances face road; require
building first floor facing road or common area/plaza incorporate storefront windows and have pedestrian entrances connect to
sidewalks; provide that building lengths exceeding 250 feet, have breezeway or similar design element to accommodate pedestrian
access to parking behind building; require that 75% of first two stories of building facades fronting a road, visible from road or
containing an entrance be faced with brick, stone, or other masonry materials similar in appearance to brick or stone and that on upper
floors (beyond 2 stories) high quality materials should be employed and account for 50% of façade; provide that among other things
the architecture, design, materials and construction of buildings are compatible with, and reflective of the character of the district,
architectural style and resource emulated and that in review of building design the director of planning shall consider the compliance
of the proposal with requirements of the chapter and compatibility with styles recommended and recognized as being of high historic,
cultural and architectural value within the Midlothian Community Special Area Plan that promote the vernacular architecture of the
region; provide that individual nonresidential uses, excluding hotel or offices, not exceed 15,000 square feet (s/f) of gross floor area (gfa)
per story; establish maximum building height of the lesser of 3 stories or 45 feet provided that buildings in designated Residential
Mixed Use and Community Mixed Use areas of Land Use Plan be a minimum of 2 stories; require that any second story extend full
frontage of first floor façade and have minimum of 50% of the gross floor area (gfa) of first floor; require that buildings fronting
Midlothian Turnpike and exceeding 2 stories or 30 feet in height, provide a step back at either second or third floor that is a minimum
of 10 feet behind the façade wall at the ground floor fronting Midlothian Turnpike; permit buildings at corner of two arterial roads or
a collector and an arterial road to have bell or clock tower or other vertical element at corner to exceed maximum building height by
no more than 10 feet provided no portion of tower or feature is an additional story or half story above permitted number of stories;
require sidewalk and pedestrian connection from parking, adjacent projects and sidewalks along roads with recorded easement to
permit public use; permit hardscaped pedestrian area within required setback between building and road; require road and private
pavement be developed in conjunction with projects intended to serve, be arranged in an interconnected pattern of walkable blocks,
with pedestrian short cuts at mid-block locations between parallel roads, and designed to potentially serve and connect to adjacent
development; road and private pavement arrangement shall accommodate amenities to include sidewalks, bikeways, street trees,
pedestrian street lighting, pedestrian crosswalks, and on-street parking; require roads and private pavement have curb and gutter; if
on-street parking provided require pavement narrow at intersections minimum necessary to accommodate travel lanes and narrowed
portion include tangent length sufficient for width of crosswalk perpendicular to curb line; require bikeways to connect uses, open
spaces, common areas within project, and adjacent to bikeway required by comprehensive plan, provide connection from such bikeway
to adjacent property, public facilities and adjacent projects; require for office parks, commercial parks, mixed-use communities and
shopping centers, a minimum of 10 percent of the total project area be provided as hardscaped or landscaped common areas/plazas
for public use exclusive of streets, parking areas, sidewalks along streets or walkways required to provide access between buildings;
permit parking for MSDD uses to be located on other than the lot it serves, subject to planning approval and recorded leases, provided
it is located within 1320 linear feet of the MSDD and parking serving a nonresidential use is not be located in residential zoned areas.
For O and C property amendment would establish building and parking setback along Woolridge Road of 40 feet with Perimeter
landscaping C; establish building setback along Midlothian Turnpike as 20 feet with Perimeter landscaping J or G and along other
roads, except, permit minimum setback of 15 feet with Perimeter landscaping J or G; require a maximum building setback of 35 feet
along Midlothian Turnpike and 25 feet for all other roads, excluding limited access roads and Woolridge Road, for 60% of the building
wall, provided that where a building wall is recessed in order to provide a public open space or plaza, there shall be no maximum
building setback for such recessed building wall so long as recessed wall does not exceed 40% of the length of any building wall fronting
a road; decrease building side and rear minimum setbacks; decrease side and rear parking minimum setbacks; amend parking setbacks
along Midlothian Turnpike so that parking is no closer to the road than the rear wall of a building or if there is no building, the greater
of either one-half the depth of the lot or no closer to the road than the rear façade of the nearest building facing the road; amend
parking setbacks along all other roads, excluding limited access roads and Woolridge Road, so that parking no closer to the road than
the front façade of the building with the least setback from the road or if there is no building on the property, parking shall be setback
15 feet from the road; unless modified by director of planning at time of plan review, require views of parking from roads either be
minimized by a building, or three to four-foot high decorative walls or fences compatible with the building, evergreen hedges that are
maintained at a height between 3 to 4 feet or a combination thereof and walls and hedges are set back from the road at the minimum
building setback or between the parking and any hardscaped pedestrian area located between the road and the parking area; and
prohibit vehicular drives between a building and a road. It would permit in the MSDD multiple-family use by conditional use on O-2,
C-3, C-4 or C-5 zoned property recommended for Community or Residential Mixed Use in the comprehensive plan within projects
containing commercial, office or other permitted nonresidential uses provided that: use and development complies with to the design
and building standards of the MSDD; use is integrated and incorporated in master plans for development; prior to construction of
residential units a minimum of 50 percent of the gross project area devoted to nonresidential use has begun; use is not located within
100 feet of Midlothian Turnpike unless within a building having commercial or office uses on ground floor; height of multiple-family
building does not exceed 3 stories or 45 feet within 100 feet of Midlothian Turnpike, property zoned for single family dwellings, or
property occupied by a legal single-family dwelling and lesser of 5 stories or 75 feet elsewhere; buildings containing multiple family use
exceeding 3 stories shall provide structured parking for a minimum of 20 percent of required parking and provide 100 square feet of
common area for each unit located above third story; multiple-family use is exempt from R-MF provisions of Sec. 19.1-121 with the
exception of the number of required accesses to a road; a maximum of 5 percent of the units within a multiple-family project shall have
more than 2 bedrooms; any project having residential use shall be required to be under a central control and management authority,
established for the life of project and project shall have restrictive covenants established, subject to county review, and recorded prior
to release of any permits on tract or project as appropriate. It would within the MSDD eliminate required buffer between districts for
O and C properties; permit fruit, vegetable and prepared food vendors within permitted hardscaped pedestrian areas and permit
commercial parking lot in C zoned districts. It would for Special Design Districts: reduce base on-site parking space requirements for
daycare, office uses less than 26,501 s/f, shopping center, appliance store, non-enumerated retail uses, personal service, restaurant,
outside dining and non-enumerated indoor recreational uses from 4.4 spaces per 1000 s/f of gfa to 4 spaces per 1000 s/f of gfa; permit
required parking for nonresidential uses in nonresidential or mixed use communities reduction of up to 5 percent for developments
providing designated areas, and associated stacking spaces, to facilitate the use of ridesharing or paratransit; require 3 stacking spaces
for any rideshare or paratransit pick-up drop-off area, define terms paratransit and ridesharing, and establish stacking lane size
requirements for such uses. It would for R, R-TH, R-MF, MH and A districts remove reference to Midlothian Village Core and
increase maximum height from lesser of 2- and one-half stories and 30 lesser of 3 stories or 40 feet in height in the former core.

Subject to the above modified procedures, all persons favoring, opposing or interested in the above are invited to submit comments
to the Planning Commission as set forth above. Copies of the above staff reports, applications, and/or additional information can
be found at, at the Planning Department at 9800 Government Center Parkway, or by calling the Planning
Department at 748-1050. Andrew G. Gillies AICP Planning Director.