PROTECTING OUR PATIENTS IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY! At ADVANCED HEARING TECHNOLOGIES, the health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We are committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment in each of our offices. NO-CONTACT OPTION FOR HEARING AID REPAIRS, CLEANINGS OR SERVICES. 41$ 42!.0 !.3 '5 /4( 3%1$6*3,, &!", 03%4#NO UPFRONT COSTS NO COMMITMENT - NO RISK 2 03( %0 ),43 %0 #!+, %0 Come in for a free hearing test and leave with invisible hearing aids the same day. Pay nothing up front. Wear your new hearing aids for 60 days risk free. Decide if you love the way you hear or walk away and owe nothing. "4("."/6)# '*66$ 0*,350,"-# .,0,)!3'!,%)!01, %)01"4& 0"+. ONLY 2500 - Rechargeable - NO MORE BATTERIES! - A touch of a button transfers calls directly to your hearing aids, HANDS-FREE! - Transmits the TV directly to your hearing aids, keeps volume for others at a comfortable level. COMES WITH A 3-YEAR WARRANTY AND OUR LIFETIME SERVICE PLAN! YOU RECEIVE THIS COMPLETE OFFER WITH NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET. THERE IS NO CATCH... ZERO MONEY OUT OF POCKET WE ACCEPT YOUR BENEFITS AS PAID IN FULL!! 20 Locations l 27 Years in Business 86,000+ Current Customers A+ Rating l FREE HEARING TEST l FREE HEARING AID PROGRAMMING l FREE IN OFFICE SERVICE & ADJUSTMENTS l FREE HEARING AID CLEANINGS AND DIAGNOSTICS l FREE BEHIND-THE-EAR TUBE REPLACEMENTS 804-223-6772 / 888-994-5906 10310 MEMORY LN., SUITE B CHESTERFIELD 8703 WEST BROAD STREET RICHMOND