Paid Advertisement Staying Independent – Housing Options Question: While my wife and Paid Advertisement I had hoped we could remain in our home until we die, we fear we may have to leave our home of 52 years and move into a place that offers help if we should need it. How can we know if we are making the right decision? Mark Sheets Greater Richmond Area Comfort Keepers owner. Answer: Deciding to remain in one’s home requires a number of considerations including socialization, cost, transportation, physical safety, and other support services such as day care and/or in-home care services. Arranging help at home will allow you to extend your time at home and provide you more time to research other housing options before you actually need to make the change. For many, remaining in your home is a viable and best option with the proper in-home care services. Though many seniors say they wish to remain in their homes, many eventually face the decision to relocate. Sometimes these decisions are made voluntarily, but at other times these are based on need. I would recommend that you do advance planning, utilizing a senior housing specialist well versed in local alternatives. This professional will walk you through the details of needs, expectations, options, and arrange tours. At any age, the choices we make are a reflection of our life experiences, values and desires. Decision-making should be thoughtful and personal. Research your choices thoroughly and talk to others who have made similar decisions. The best time to choose alternative housing is when you are not in a position of immediate need. This will allow you more time to research, talk to other residents, and see if it’s right for you. Paid Advertisement Once you’ve made your decisions, the transition to move will be easier on you, your wife, and your family. In the meantime, having Comfort Keepers helpers in your home could extend your time there. Services such as cooking, light housekeeping, transportation and shopping are just a few of the ways we help people remain in their homes longer. For more information go to or call 750-1123