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GREAT MORTGAGE RATES ZERO CLOSING COSTS LOAN RATE POINTS POINTS CLOSING CLOSINGCOSTS COSTS APR APR LOAN RATE 30 0.000 ZERO 3.250% 30YR YRFIXED FIXED 3.250% 5.250% 0.000 ZERO 5.250% 30YR YRFIXED FIXED 3.000% 4.875% 1.375 ZERO 4.996% 3.059% 30 0.750 ZERO 20YR YRFIXED FIXED 3.000% 3.750% 20 20YR YRFIXED FIXED 2.750% 3.500% 20 0.000 1.000 1.250 ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO 3.750% 3.000% 3.614% 2.888% 15YR YR FIXED 3.625% 15 FIXED 2.625% 15YR YR FIXED 3.375% 15 FIXED 2.375% 0.000 0.875 0.750 ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO 3.625% 2.625% 3.503% 2.481% FHA FHA30 30YR YR FHA30 30YR YR FHA 0.000 1.500 0.750 ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO 2.875% 4.510% 4.260% 2.683% 2.875% 3.500% 3.125% 2.625% Buying a home? Use our mortgage and realty team to save thousands with a ZERO Closing Cost mortgage and realty rebates. Need to sell a home? CapCenter charges only a 1.5% list fee. That’s full-service at half the usual cost! Visit or call 804-968-5000 for a free, anonymous ZERO Closing Cost quote Our Zero Closing Costs offer: we pay or waive traditional mortgage closing costs for loans of $100,000 and up. Typically, the only money you will owe at closing, in addition to your required down payment when purchasing aa home, and interest, and in some cases purchasing home, will will be be prepayments prepayments for for taxes, taxes, insurance, insurance, and interest, and cases fees fees associated with recording certain documents. Additional fees can apply based on loan type, loan purpose, credit score, and loan to value ratio. The rates shown apply to loan amounts of $100,000-$510,400 10/19/18 and are subject to change without notice. As an illustration, if you select the 30 year, 0 point fixed rate option for a $200,000 loan, your 360 monthly payments of principal and interest will be $870, and your payment will include additional amounts to cover escrowed real estate taxes and insurance. It is recommended with our 1.5% List Fee our the 1.5% that thedue full to 3%the commission duebetopaid theto buyer’s agentand bepassed paid toon CapCenter andagent passed to the that fullList 3% Fee commission buyer’s agent CapCenter to the buyer’s as on payment. buyer’sCenter, agent L.L.C. as payment. Capital Center, d/b/amortgage CapCenter is both a licensed lenderNMLS in Virginia and Capital d/b/a CapCenter is bothL.L.C. a licensed lender in Virginia andmortgage North Carolina, ID#67717 North Carolina, NMLS ID#67717 ( and a licensed real estate broker in Virginia. ( and a licensed real estate broker in Virginia.