ASK THE EXPERT Knowing What You Don’t Know more chances are you can maximize your profits by being aware of what most buyers are expecting and not wasting time or money on the things that are not as important. When over 50% of buyers in a market desire something in the home they buy, it’s important for sellers to be aware of those things. For Sellers are very aware that it’s currently a instance, studies have shown that today’s Newton Carroll sellers’ market and inventory moves quickly. buyers would rather have an instant hot water Newton.carroll However, buyers have high expectations and dispenser than a garbage disposal and in the should, considering the price point of the average same study more buyers chose traditional styled home. As a result sellers have to be aware of the kitchen cabinets over contemporary styled 804 439-3813 (cell) things that are absolutely necessary or extremely cabinets. 804 270-9440 (office) popular, as well as the things most buyers don’t Buyer expectations can be trendy and vary care about when buying a home. All life starts at home. based on age but it’s Important for the seller to Let’s find a home for you. Some sellers are looking to sell quickly without know what they don’t know and be aware of doing much work to prepare for the sale and in current expectations to maximize their sale. some cases that is the best strategy. However, if For assistance with your sale or any real estate you have been in your home for ten years or needs visit www.richmondpropertysearch.