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Getting to know: Kimberly Veal with Upscale Life and Living Institute
Getting to know

Getting to know: Kimberly Veal with Upscale Life and Living Institute

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Kimberly Veal with Upscale Life and Living Institute

Kimberly Veal with Upscale Life and Living Institute

Title: Owner of Upscale Life & Living Institute, a veteran-owned business based in Chesterfield County that provides financial coaching and consulting.

Born: April 1974 in Pennsylvania

Education: Business administration, University of Maryland University College, 2003; human resource management, Saint Leo University, 2014. “Currently I’m preparing to enter a ministry program next year.”

Career: U.S. Army, human resource manager, 1994-2016; and Upscale Life & Living, November 2016-present

Where in the metro area do you live?: Chesterfield

Best business decision: “Deciding to be my own boss, keeping a mentor, and being teachable.”

Worst business decision: “Not using local small-business resources like the SBA, the Metropolitan Business League and other local organizations to assist early on. I would have saved a lot of money.”

Mistake you learned the most from: “Trying to do everything myself. Not trusting the right people with my vision sooner.”

What is the biggest challenge/opportunity in the next two to five years: “Prioritizing family first while growing two sustainable companies over the next five years is my priority. What good is it if I gain the world and an endless stream of clients if I lose my soul, and my family, the ones I love most. While serving our great country in the U.S. Army, my career was the priority; my job line-danced all over my personal life. It was not intentional on my part. It was the demands of the job. So COVID has really caused me to re-evaluate my life plan and my business. I really love what I do and am always excited to journey with my clients to win in life and business. However, at the end of the day, they go home. I refuse to come home to empty rooms. I have realigned things to focus on my family, then my business in this season.”

First job after college: “Being all I can be in the U.S. Army.”

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently: “Not a thing. When I was 20 years old, I was in South Korea. I met an 83-year-old South Korean man who told me to plan my life and start living it that day. I went home, drafted my bucket list and immediately started checking off items. Plan your life; start living your life now.”

Movie or book that inspired you the most, and why?: “I’ve watched lots of movies, and I’m an avid reader. People inspire me more than movies or books. I have not met a person who has shared his or her story that I’m not inspired by.”

Favorite and least favorite subject in school: “Social studies was my favorite subject. Least favorite was anything math.”

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