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    High demand for construction during the COVID-19 pandemic led many employers to increase wages to recruit and retain workers, but rising inflation in 2021 caused real wages to drop. A continuation of this trend could make it more difficult for the industry to find an adequate supply of labor…


    Workers have had a banner year in 2022 — wages are high, employment is strong and job-hopping opportunities are plentiful. But will it continue in 2023?

    One million dollars might not be the fortune it once was, but it’s still plenty of money. Here’s the rub: $1 million can melt away fast if not managed wisely—but prudently invested, it can go a long way. Know Your Goals, Timeline and Risk Tolerance Understanding your financial goals, timeline and risk tolerance are the […]

    Thrifting is hot, and Goodwill finds are cool again. But while we’re thrilled to find the perfect throwback tee for our own closet, gifting used goods still carries a stigma…

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