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New slate of comics, puzzles in Richmond Times-Dispatch

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The Richmond Times-Dispatch has been the community’s leader for local news for the past 172 years, and it’s our responsibility to provide strong, compelling, diverse and trustworthy local journalism to you, our loyal readers and subscribers. Whether it’s breaking news, sports, business, lifestyle or weather coverage, we take our role in the community extraordinarily seriously when it comes to accurately reporting the news that matters most to you, because The Times-Dispatch is where your story lives.

While we continue to evolve as a digital-first, community-minded local news organization, we — like all of you — must constantly evaluate how we’re investing our resources. More than ever, our investments must be keenly focused on continuing to bring you the best local news coverage possible, every hour of every day.

With that in mind, you’ll notice that in today’s print edition, we’re providing you with a new slate of comics, puzzles, advice content and other features. The great news: You have access to legendary comics like Peanuts and Garfield, a challenging crossword puzzle from the Los Angeles Times, a thoughtful advice column in “Ask Amy” from Amy Dickinson and, of course, a daily horoscope.

What’s more, you will now find additional “funny page” comic strips exclusively on our e-edition platform, and you also will have access to almost 500 comic strips, dozens of puzzles and several new syndicated columnists on our website. The new e-edition-only comics pages are available starting today. And the rest of the hundreds of available digital-only comics, puzzles and columns are available on our website now, at

We’re excited about the new lineup of features content, and we hope you enjoy it. But we also recognize that many of you might no longer see a particular comic strip, puzzle or advice columnist that you enjoyed. We invite you to explore the additional comics, puzzles and columns in our e-edition and on our website, and we know you’ll find some new gems there. We sincerely thank you, our readers, for supporting us in our continued commitment to invest in the people and tools that make it possible to bring you the best local journalism available today.