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Patent Focus: recent local patents awarded
Patent Focus

Patent Focus: recent local patents awarded

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The following shows recent patents awarded to people or companies in central Virginia. Listed are the name of patent, the patent number, name of the local inventor and his or her locality, the patent assignee and a brief description of the patent from an abstract. The information comes from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Composite wall and methods of constructing a composite wall; (U.S. Patent 10,829,924); Arthur S. McGurn and Victor P. Morrissette of Richmond; Lee Morrissette of Powhatan; Patrick Cody Morrissette of Midlothian; Advantage Wall LLC of Richmond: Composite walls have the structural components connected to form a substantially unitary structure. A composite wall is described that includes a block and/or brick wythe adhered to a poured concrete wall. The composite wall may also have a panel sheet material adhered to the poured concrete opposite surface of the poured concrete wall. Further, the composite wall may include a first wythe comprising concrete blocks, bricks, or a combination thereof, a poured concrete core, and a rigid insulation panel, wherein at least a portion of the blocks and/or bricks of the first wythe are adhered to a first surface of the concrete core and the rigid insulation panel is adhered to a second surface of the poured concrete core. Wire ties may extend from the mortar joints in the first wythe through the rigid insulation panel.


Method and system for wrapping ties in a facemask manufacturing process; (U.S. Patent 10,829,257); O&M Halyard Inc. of Mechanicsville: An automated system and method wrap the fastening ties around the body of a continuous stream of facemasks in a facemask production line. The facemasks are oriented such that each facemask has a leading pair of ties and a trailing pair of ties extending from a body in a conveying direction of the production line. The leading pair of ties is drawn below the body as the facemask continues to be conveyed in the conveying and wraps under the body. Subsequently, an impinging force is directed onto the body that is sufficient to cause the body to flip backwards at least once as the facemask continues to be conveyed in the conveying direction, thereby causing the leading and trailing pairs of ties to further wrap around the body.


Tobacco beads; (U.S. Patent 10,827,777); Andrew Nathan Carroll of Chester; Yan Helen Sun of Midlothian; Altria Client Services LLC of Henrico: A smokeless tobacco product described herein includes at least one tobacco bead. Tobacco beads described herein include a core and at least one tobacco-containing layer surrounding the core. Each tobacco-containing layer can include less than 10 weight percent tobacco. Tobacco bead described herein can have a diameter of at least 1 millimeters. Tobacco bead described herein can have at least 5 mg tobacco. Tobacco bead described herein can have an oven volatiles content of between 2 weight percent and 10 weight percent. Tobacco bead described herein can have an outer shell.


Anti-fog, anti-glare facemasks; (U.S. Patent 10,827,788); O&M Haylard Inc. of Mechanicsville: A coating composition that is incorporated into a facemask to reduce fogging and glare is provided. For example, in one embodiment, the facemask contains a shield or visor formed from a transparent substrate having at least one surface applied with the coating composition of the present disclosure. The coating composition contains a large amount of nanoparticles, desirably greater than 10 wt %.

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