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Patent Focus: recent local patents awarded
Patent Focus

Patent Focus: recent local patents awarded

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The following shows recent patents awarded to people or companies in central Virginia. Listed are the name of patent, the patent number, name of the local inventor and his or her locality, the patent assignee and a brief description of the patent from an abstract. The information comes from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Chroma keying illumination system; (U.S. Patent 10,841,552); Steven Paul Pendlebury of Richmond; Electro-LuminX Lighting Corp. of Richmond: A chroma keying system as described herein is a relatively thin and portable system as a result of the deployment of flat light panels such as electroluminescent (EL) lighting panels. By combining a flexible electroluminescent illuminated surface with proper hardware and digital programming, a user wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset is able to see whatever image is programmed for them to see in the headset when looking at specific things or directions.


Universal tap-off box with a latch mechanism; (U.S. Patent 10,840,689); Power Distribution Inc. of Richmond: A tap-off box includes a latch that automatically secures the tap-off box to a busway upon insertion of a mast into the busway. The latch is in the form of a single spring-loaded member that latches onto a rail as the masthead is pushed into the busway. A push button actuated camming member pushes the latch away from the rail to enable the masthead to be withdrawn from the busway. The push button and camming member are independent of the mechanism that extends and retracts the contacts while the masthead is inserted and latched into the busway. The tap-off box may also include non-contact current monitoring sensors with voltage sensing inserts that an auxiliary breaker switch in applications other than a tap-off box, and an infrared emitting faceplate that can be adapted for monitoring a variety of breakers from outside the tap-off box.


Polymeric viscosity modifiers for use in lubricants; (U.S Patent 10,836,976); Arturo Carranza of Henrico; Sheng Jiang of Glen Allen; Afton Chemical Corp. of Richmond: A lubricating oil composition having greater than 50 wt % of a base oil and 0.1 wt % to 20 wt %, both based on the total weight of the lubricating oil composition, of a dispersant viscosity modifier obtainable by: A) reacting: a) at least one of a lactone of formula (I) or a derivative thereof: ##STR00001## wherein X is oxygen, and R is an optionally substituted hydrocarbylene group having from 1 to 20 carbon atoms; and b) at least one compound selected from amines, alcohols and oxazolines; and B) reacting the reaction product of step A) onto an acylated olefin copolymer obtainable by acylating a copolymer of ethylene and one or more C.sub.3-C.sub.10 alpha-olefins having a number average molecular weight of 5,000 to 200,000 g/mol as measured by GPC, with an acylating agent. Methods employing the lubricating oil compositions and uses of the lubricating compositions as engine oils are also described.


De-oiling for plant-based protein extraction; (U.S. Patent 10,834,941); Michael A. Spinelli of Moseley; Krisan Singh of Midlothian; Reinhold Brand of Henrico; Nutriati Inc. of Henrico: A method and system provides for for de-oiling and extracting protein from chickpeas prior to generating chickpea protein concentrate. The method and system includes receiving a chickpea flour generated from the chickpeas, including having cortex material removed from the chickpeas and generating an ethanol mixture by mixing the chickpea flour with ethanol to remove at least a portion of the oil content from the chickpea flour. The method and system includes separating the ethanol mixture into a de-oiled chickpea flour and an ethanol recycling stream having organics from the chickpea flour absorbed therein. Therein, the method and system includes extracting a protein concentrate from the de-oiled flour.

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