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Patent Focus: recent local patents awarded
Patent Focus

Patent Focus: recent local patents awarded

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The following shows recent patents awarded to people or companies in central Virginia. Listed are the name of patent, the patent number, name of the local inventor and his or her locality, the patent assignee and a brief description of the patent from an abstract. The information comes from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Systems and methods for dynamic granular access permissions; (U.S. Patent 10,848,498); Brian Childress and Sean Stokely of Richmond; Capital One Services LLC of McLean: An application for dynamic, granular access permissions can include a database interface, a user interface, a login process, an administrator, an event handler and an authorization process. The database interface can be an interface to an access control permissions database that stores roles, actions, or policies for users of the application. The login process can authenticate a user and determine a default set of access control permissions for that user when they are using the user interface. The administrator can provide access control permissions for a user by using the database interface. The event handler can dynamically modify access to functionality in the user interface based on an event. The authorization process can determine whether a request from the user interface is authorized before process the request. The authorization process can use access control permissions from the administrator and either a scope limited or a temporally limited access permission.


Systems and methods for generating a 360-degree viewing experience; (U.S. Patent 10,845,943); Omar Ahmed Ansari and Clark Barrett Jennings of Richmond; CarMax Business Services LLC of Richmond: A system for generating a 360-degree viewing experience may receive a plurality of images of an object from an image capture device, wherein each of the plurality of images corresponds to a different rotational orientation of the object relative to the image capture device. The system may detect, using a first machine learning model, the object in each of the plurality of images. The system may detect, using a second machine learning model, regions associated with identifiable object features in one or more images of the plurality of images. The system may assign feature metadata to the one or more images, the features metadata associated with one or more detected regions of the detected regions of the object in the one or more images. The system may publish, with an application programming interface, the plurality of images and the feature metadata for the 360-degree viewing experience.


Curved classifiers and classification methods; (U.S. Patent 10,845,288); Daren Chen of Glen Allen and Qiaoling Liu of Richmond; Virginia Commonwealth University: A particle electrical mobility classifier is provided for the classification of particles (e.g., particles less than 1 .mu..eta. in size) based on their electrical mobility. The particle classification zone is curved. In an exemplary embodiment, two metal concentric cylinders, separated by an annular insulation spacer, establish a particle classification zone. A DC electrical field is supplied by the cylinders in the circular classification zone. An example classifier can be operated in different modes such as: (1) as a particle precipitator; (2) as a particle electrical mobility separator, and (3) as a differential mobility classifier. The curved classification zone results in a particle classifier having an extended particle sizing range as compared to their counterparts in classical configurations. The curve of the classification channel (in the flow direction) may be in any of several configurations (e.g., circular, wavy, spiral, or helical).


Nuclear sulfated oxysterol, potent regulator of lipid homeostasis, for therapy of hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglycerides, fatty liver diseases, and atherosclerosis; (U.S. Patent 10,844,089); Shunlin Ren and William M. Pandak of Richmond; Virginia Commonwealth University: The sulfated oxysterol 5-cholesten-3.beta., 25-diol 3-sulphate, a nuclear cholesterol metabolite that decreases lipid biosynthesis and increases cholesterol secretion and degradation, is provided as an agent to lower intracellular and serum cholesterol and/or triglycerides, and to prevent or treat lipid accumulation-associated inflammation and conditions associated with such inflammation. Methods which involve the use of this sulfated oxysterol to treat conditions associated with high cholesterol and/or high triglycerides and/or inflammation (e.g. hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, atherosclerosis, etc.) are also provided.

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