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Letters to the Editor for week of Oct. 29

Letters to the Editor for week of Oct. 29

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Freitas' record on healthcare is clear

Dear Editor,

“If you like your plan and you like your doctor, you won’t have to do a thing. You keep your plan. You keep your doctor.” This is what the American people were told when the ACA was passed into law in 2009. Since then, millions of Americans were forced out of their healthcare plans and had to change doctors.

Critics are saying that Nick Freitas doesn’t want to help autistic children and that he votes against health care plans for children. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nick Freitas has carried legislation to support the educational needs of special needs children. He supports protecting pre-existing conditions coverage. He supports increasing access, quality, and affordability of healthcare. His record is clear and strong in support of the unborn, the medically vulnerable and those in need.

The attacks miss the main point. Nick Freitas’ votes are not against providing proper health care, rather they are against mandates and regulation because these mandates hurt everyone, including those it proposes to protect. Our country was built on ingenuity, sacrifice and hard work and we need representatives who will support that and oppose government regulations and mandates so that Americans are free to innovate and to provide innovative solutions.

If you like your country, you can keep it, but only if you vote for Nick Freitas for U.S. Congress.

Susan Lascolette


For bipartisan leader, Spanberger is the right choice for 7th district

Dear Editor:

If we want a bipartisan Representative for the 7th district, Abigail Spanberger is the only candidate who meets that criteria. In addition to her other outstanding qualifications, she has shown herself to be in touch with the citizens of the district on a regular basis anShe has been ranked 7th in bipartisanship by the Chamber of Commerce. As a new Representative, she had the courage to vote against Nancy Pelosi being elected Speaker of the House. If anyone thinks that her opponent will be bipartisan in any votes, he or she should reconsider. He will be as partisan as his two GOP predecessors who did not represent the ordinary people of District 7.

Abigail Spanberger is the people’s Representative for District 7.

Eileen Ford


Vote for Trump is only way to prevent socialist takeover

Dear Editor,

Democrat Vice President Candidate Senator Kamala Harris, who would be a heartbeat away from the oval office, has been called a “pragmatic moderate” by the New York Times.

Harris is farther left than 97% of Democrats in the Senate including proclaimed Marxist Bernie Sanders.

She favors repealing the Trump tax cuts for the middle class which would increase our taxes and reduce everyone’s take-home pay.

On the subject of law-and-order, Harris refuses to denounce Antifa violence, is for defunding the police, eliminating all cash bail, decriminalizing illegal immigration, and compared ICE agents to the KKK.

She believes in the elimination of private healthcare in which 160 million people would lose their health coverage but supports free taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegal immigrants and favors taxpayer-funded abortion.

The Senator is for giving statehood to Puerto Rico and D.C. and says she would support “packing” of the Supreme Court which polls show is opposed by 70% of Americans. In the 30’s FDR attempted it and Joe Biden called it “a bonehead idea”.

By executive order she wants to ban some legal firearms, a clear violation of our second amendment.

Despite current denials Harris and Biden are on video saying they would definitely eliminate fracking.

In fact, Harris co-sponsored the Green New Deal which would wage war on oil, coal and natural gas, thereby raising prices on our electric bill, homes, and automobiles. It would invalidate the USA’s energy independence from Arab countries that Trump delivered. You can read this on the Democrat’s website.

Any one of these would be destructive to our constitutional system, our economic system and our liberty. Does this sound like a “pragmatic moderate” to you?

Unless you want to earn less and pay more, on Election Day this frightening, socialist Biden/Harris ticket must be vetoed by re-electing President Trump.

Larry Herbst

Sandy Hook

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