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Leabough seeks to remain in District 2 School Board seat

Leabough seeks to remain in District 2 School Board seat

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“There are only two important things in this life,” says Billie Jo Leabough, who is currently running for the District 2 School Board seat. “Things you can do something about and things you can’t do anything about.”

Leabough says she is running so she can keep doing what needs to be done. She has lived in Goochland for more than 40 years, long enough to see her children, and now her grandchildren, receive solid educations from Goochland Public Schools. She knows first-hand the quality of the district she has supported as a parent, grandparent and, most recently, as the person appointed to fill the seat left vacant after the death of District 2 School Board member William Quarles last February.

As Leabough and all school board members know, school boards have important roles in the education of a community’s children and have become responsible for understanding, working with and engaging with agencies from the local to the national level. Individual board members work most closely with their school districts and communities, maintaining a focus on children’s needs while supporting school administrations that deal with complex instructional, financial and regulatory matters. Board members engage with diverse community groups with specialized interests and dialogue with parents and others in their community.

Thanks to her more than two decades of experience working with at-risk, special needs and incarcerated youth, Leabough believes a school board is no place for those who speak more than they listen, or mouth the buzzwords of the moment. Her work has demonstrated respect for every individual, the value of attentive listening, and collaborative problem solving.

In seeking the Distrist 2 seat, Leabough has pledged that she will remain committed to the well-being of every Goochland student, from the youngest to those recent graduates moving on into their post-high school lives. She takes pride in the 2021 graduation rate of 97.2%, which demonstrates the board’s commitment to excellence in education. Leabough will also continue her strong support of CTE programs that prepare students for immediate employment with board certification upon graduation.

“It is my honor to serve,” Leabough says. “As we encourage our students to take AP classes and meet the challenges of Advanced Studies Diplomas, we must continue support for those young people who struggle to make progress. Everyone needs to participate in discussions and decision-making processes. As a parent, teacher and board member, I know the task is challenging. However, for every milestone reached, when all our students attain their goals and fulfill their greatest potential, our service is rewarded. By doing what needs to be done, every one of us benefits.”


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