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Lovable pup offers both humor and wonder

Lovable pup offers both humor and wonder

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Editor’s note: The following contribution is part of the Gazette’s continuing series “Tell Me a Story,” in which we ask our readers to share tales from their own lives or the lives of family members.

When “Rosie” arrived at our home (a little over 12 months ago) she was a six week old “Peek-a-Poo” with an innate ability to continually amaze her new family.

Rosie’s twelve pounds of soft black and white fur features a continuously “flag pole” wagging tail, a constant draw which revolves at varying speeds.

While we humans often express graciousness, Rosie’s canine brain seems to have a constant willingness to meld into her human companion’s life style.

Reluctant at first to accept a leash, she now welcomes it knowingly aware that a leash means “we’re going out.”

Loving people (family or not), Rosie’s tail begins a slow wag, then a hasty run.

Halters? Fitted with one, she has no qualms about wearing it 24/7.

Our cat Coney was at first a suspicious intruder, but the two are now best friends.

When she is two blocks from home, amazingly, Rosie positions her front legs against the car’s dashboard, with a rapid wag and a glance.

Is Rosie just a quick learner? Or would one dare conclude the little pooch is unconsciously telling we grownups to just flat out love more.

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