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From the managing editor: Attack on U.S. Capitol sparks tears, fear and anger

From the managing editor: Attack on U.S. Capitol sparks tears, fear and anger

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Surreal. That was the word that kept running through my mind last Wednesday as I watched what will go down in history as one of our nation’s worst days ever.

I felt paralyzed as I tried to absorb what I was seeing taking place. What has happened to the civility and decorum that we as Americans, as well as other countries, are accustomed to seeing?

Appalled and heartbroken best described my feelings when people dressed like they were going to a football game to support their favorite team breached the security of those hallowed halls. That was not the United States of America that our Founding Fathers fought to establish.


Can you imagine the fear of our elected officials as these out of control supporters of President Trump damaged the Capitol while they were sheltered in place?

Wasn’t any consideration given to the families of the members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives?

After the certification process for President-Elect Joe Biden resumed, Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, mentioned his grandchildren and their concerns for him. The same was true for all those members that had been hurried out of the chambers where they were doing the work of the people, as in us.

A business call to a colleague started with her breaking down in tears when she heard my voice. I asked if she was OK -- not sure if she was ill or something happened to a family member. She responded through the pain, “I can’t believe what’s happening to our country.”

I support peaceful protests, but what we saw last week took an ugly and dangerous turn. How disrespectful to have seen people smirking and behaving like adolescents in seats of honor for those selected by their fellow members.

We’re better than this and, hopefully, while Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris face significant challenges as they assume the nation’s two top offices, I still have faith in the majority of our fellow Americans.

This is being written on Thursday and my heart hurts as I listen to the stories of what our leaders encountered.

Allies on the global stage reacted and responded as they too watched what was happening in Washington, D.C. Their support is vital to our successful future.

At some point Wednesday evening, the thought crossed my mind about the election that was held on Tuesday, Jan. 5, in Georgia. With Confederate-draped participants in the assault on the Capitol, I wondered if they were aware that a Black and a Jew were joining the U.S. Senate, which is now at 50/50 with Harris being the tie-breaker.

Many prayers are being said, so I’ll close with God bless the USA.

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