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From the managing editor: Before judging, consider circumstances

From the managing editor: Before judging, consider circumstances

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Her appearance seemingly out of nowhere caught my attention quickly as Mom exited the vehicle to briefly go into a shop. I was ready to sling open the driver’s side door in the event she approached my mother. These are the times that I forget how painful arthritic knees that also suffered a powerful fall five years ago can be on this old girl.

Regardless, Mom is and always will be the priority. I was prepared to pounce. But, as a guy from my long ago past always said, I jump to conclusions. Yes, still guilty.

Anyway, the woman stood back until Mom had entered the business. She then headed toward my side of the vehicle. I noticed that she was drenched in sweat as I rolled down the window to ask if I could help her.

She started sharing her story of financial losses and needs for her children. I told her I didn’t need to hear anymore and reached into my purse to get her some money. She thanked me profusely; my only reply was “God loves you.”

And, just as she had appeared, she was gone. I didn’t see her walk toward any kind of mode of transportation, which left me wondering what kind of encounter I had experienced.

My hope was that she did use the cash for her family. I realize many are struggling in unimaginable ways due to COVID-19. I’ve been in the payday to payday category -- mostly because I knew I always had backup financial assistance from my family.

It’s heartbreaking to think about those who are in need and face decisions about what bills are paid, which medications are refilled, and how much food is affordable.

If you can help, please do so -- whether it’s through your church or local food pantries. There are non-profits working diligently to provide as much aid as possible. Let’s make their jobs easier.

Through teary eyes, I offer a plea to those who can ease the weight of others to help. We never know another’s circumstances.

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