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From the managing editor: From the managing editor

From the managing editor: From the managing editor

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No, COVID is not a hoax!” The Emergency Room physician and nurse slammed on their imaginary brakes when I said, “So, COVID isn’t a hoax.” They were adamant in their answer as they then exited the exam room.

I had taken my mother to Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center for an ongoing issue with her foot (and, no, she isn’t a diabetic -- that question was often asked) the day after Thanksgiving.

With protocols I fully appreciate in place, MRMC is doing it right to ensure the safety of the patients and those frontline workers we’ve all come to respect and applaud throughout the pandemic.

Mom was admitted to the main hospital, and, thank you very much, MRMC, a visitor is allowed between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. But it’s only one visitor per day; if you leave, you can’t return that day.

And, yes, you must wear a mask. I prefer the KN95, which is better fitted at the nose and roomy enough that you don’t sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher when you speak.

As soon as you enter the hospital, there are hand sanitizer stations, and an employee greets you with a thermometer to check your temperature. Then, you stop at a desk to say who you are visiting, what the patient’s medical number is, and provide your identification. The final step is an arm band being attached with COVID Screening written on it and the date written by one of the employees. The band is a different color every day.

I was fine stopping at every hand sanitizer station and wearing a mask upon entering and trekking to Mom’s room. When staff comes into the room, you must have a mask on for their protection, as well as the patient’s and your own.

Just like these dedicated and precious frontline workers have been doing with COVID-19 (coronavirus) patients, they lined the walls of the corridor as Mom was discharged. What a blessing!

Last week’s front page had a photo of the front entrance with flowers designating the COVID patients that had been treated and released. It was an emotional moment to capture that image. The response on our Facebook page has been overwhelming.

Bottom line here: COVID-19 is all too real, but we can heed the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the renowned infectious disease specialist, whose predictions about this virus continue to come true. Follow Fauci: Wear the mask.

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