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From the managing editor: Hanover was the only choice in moving

From the managing editor: Hanover was the only choice in moving

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When I accepted the job here over 12 years ago, I knew I would be making my home in Hanover County. All I really knew about the county was that Patrick Henry hailed from here.

Keep in mind I had spent three years in Winchester at The Winchester Star. I didn’t know anything about that part of the state when I arrived there either.

To my surprise, I was strongly urged not to settle in Mechanicsville. “Bubbaville” was a term tossed around a lot to describe the community. I dismissed the stereotype being used for an area I had yet to explore and experience. I have always lived near my workplace, so the same would hold true for this journey.

I was fortunate enough to find a nice apartment near the office, which proved invaluable as I learned about the county.

From the beginning, I was welcomed. People I have never met feel comfortable enough from reading these pages to call me by my first name. I like that.

I feel safe here. I have good neighbors. There are so many conveniences nearby.

While I intend to make my home here as long as possible, I want us all to take a moment to think about the positives.

I am saddened by the animosity that appears in letters to the editor and on our social media sites.

I never knew the names of schools could cause so much disruption. I only hope this can be resolved soon, with all parties -- if that’s even realistic to consider -- being satisfied.

With no children or grandchildren in the school system, I’ve kind of had a “I don’t have a dog in that fight” attitude. But I do -- this is my home too. I pray for a peaceful -- and hopefully agreeable -- solution.

This is all about the future -- and that means the children that attend these schools.

Regardless of color, religion, etc., we’re all Hanoverians. Isn’t that what matters most?!

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