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More vaccination questions answered

More vaccination questions answered

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(Editor’s note: The following FAQ – frequently asked questions – was compiled by Michelle Barnett, Hanover County public information specialist.)

l How do I know which vaccination phase I fall under?

The Virginia Department of Health website offers a graphic, breaking down each phase as well as an online tool to help you determine which phase of the vaccination campaign you fall under. That online tool can be found here:

Where can I go to get my vaccine?

At this time those who are eligible to receive a vaccine under the Phase 1 campaign will need to sign-up if they wish to receive the vaccine. In order to sign-up for the vaccine waiting list, you may visit the Virginia Department of Health’s online vaccine survey tool, which can be found here:

Or, if you prefer to speak to someone, you can call the Hanover County COVID-19 call center to sign-up by phone: 804-365-3240 or Virginia Department of Health’s statewide vaccination hotline at 1-877-VAX-IN-VA (1-877-829-4682).

Someone from the health department will contact you to set up your vaccination appointment once it is your turn (based on the phase and vaccine supply).

If you have already signed up online or other the phone, there is no need to call or complete the survey again.

l How do I register to get my COVID vaccine?

If you fall under Phase 1A or 1B of the COVID vaccination campaign, you can sign-up in one of two ways. If you have not already through an online survey, you can sign-up online through The Virginia Department of Health’s online survey tool at Or, if you prefer to speak to someone, you can call the Hanover County COVID-19 call center to sign-up by phone: 804-365-3240 or Virginia Department of Health’s statewide vaccination hotline at 1-877-VAX-IN-VA (1-877-829-4682).

l Will there be a choice of which COVID vaccine I get?

No. While there is currently more than one vaccine brand available to Americans, local health departments will likely have only one brand. Vaccine supplies are limited, and you should strongly consider accepting whichever COVID-19 vaccine is available to you. In general, side effects and effectiveness for the currently available vaccines are very similar.

l I have already signed-up to receive my vaccine, when will someone contact me to schedule my appointment?

Someone from the health department will contact you as soon as it is your turn and when vaccine supplies are available. In the meantime, we ask that you check your spam email folder and check for any missed calls or voicemails from numbers you don’t recognize. Some scheduling emails and phone calls are being missed.

l I registered for my vaccine on the VDH website, do I need to register again through my local health district?

No. If you have already registered online through another VDH website, you do not need to register a second time.

l I think I registered online but never received a confirmation email.

You can now confirm your name is on the list in the new Virginia Department of Health pre-registration system at Use the link at the top to check the List.

l How can I volunteer to help with the vaccination campaign?

To volunteer visit:

l Who is staffing the Hanover County COVID-19 Call Center?

The Hanover County COVID-19 Call Center is being staffed by Hanover County employees, Goochland County employees and volunteers.

l Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

The Virginia Department of Health has created a listing of testing sites in the area. The can be found by visiting:

l How many vaccines have been given to date?

Up-to-date information about the number of vaccines administered as well a breakdown of vaccinations administered by locality of residence:

l Will there be any accommodations at the vaccination site for those with impaired mobility?

Accessibility will vary depending on location, however, the health department does try to accommodate those with mobility issues. Please discuss any special needs with your appointment scheduler or alert a parking attendant when you arrive at the vaccination center.

l Once I arrive at a vaccination center, how will I know where to park or where to go? Will I remain in my vehicle?

Protocol for vaccination clinics vary from location to location, however, for events held by Chickahominy Health District/Hanover Fire-EMS, there will be parking attendants instructing residents where to park and explain to them when they can enter the building.

l How early do I arrive before the appointment time?

You should arrive at the vaccination center at the time of your appointment (not earlier). We will do everything we can to minimize the wait time, however, there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that may arise that could result in a longer wait time. It is our hope that residents will only need to wait about the same amount of time they would expect to wait at a routine medical appointment.

l How many other people will be at the vaccination clinic at the same time as me?

It’s difficult to determine how many other people will be at the vaccination clinic at the same time. We hope to increase the number of vaccinations per hour we administer as we get further along in the process. There will always be systems in place to ensure proper social distancing.

l Can I request my vaccination be administered at the old Food Lion location in Ashland?

If the location of your vaccination appointment does not work well for you, you can decline the appointment and hope that a future clinic appointment will be available soon at the location of your choice. However, at this time, we cannot honor requests for specific locations.

l I used the same email address to sign myself and my spouse up for the vaccination. My invitation email does not specify who it is intended for, so how will I know?

The health department is working to have a name listed on the invitation email, however, in the meantime, if there is no name listed, it is up to you which spouse uses the first scheduling email (right now, it is usually for the oldest member of your household, specifically those 75 years and older). If you listed one email for both spouses, you should receive two emails, however, they may arrive at different times.

l When will I receive a call/notification of an appointment?

If you have already signed-up to receive the vaccination and supplied an email address, you will receive an email with scheduling instructions when it’s your turn and as vaccinations supplies are available. If you did not supply an email address, someone will call you to schedule your appointment. The health department is currently vaccinating Phase 1A and beginning to vaccinate those in Phase 1B. Since Phase 1B accounts for about half of the state’s population, it could take weeks or months to get all those who are currently eligible to be scheduled and vaccinated. Please be patient.

l Why are other people getting vaccinations, and I am not?

Currently the health department is beginning to schedule and vaccinate those in Phase 1A and 1B. Phase 1B is a large portion of the state’s population, making up about half of Virginia’s residents. Since the current group is so large and at this time vaccine supplies are less than the current demand, it could takes weeks or more to get all those in Phase 1B vaccinated. The health department is prioritizing those who are at higher risk within Phase 1B, such as frontline essential workers as well as older adults with serious/high risk health conditions.

l What happens if they can’t make the first vaccine appointment?

The Chickahominy Health District will continue to invite residents to future clinics, if they missed their first appointment.

l How much will the vaccination cost me?

There is no charge to the resident for the COVID-19 vaccine through our vaccination clinics.

l How will I know my registration was received?

You can now confirm your name is on the list in the new Virginia Department of Health pre-registration system at Use the link at the top to check the List.

l “When can we expect those between 16 to 64 years of age with serious medical conditions to be vaccinated?”

As of Feb. 11, 2021, the Chickahominy Health District is currently vaccinating all those in priority group 1a and those in the beginning of priority group 1b. This includes health care personnel, people 75 and older, and people 65 and older with high-risk medical conditions, law enforcement, and teachers/childcare.

As the population above becomes significantly vaccinated (roughly 70 to 80% of those wishing to be vaccinated) and as sufficient vaccine supplies become more available, vaccination efforts will expand to include: all of priority group 1b, including people 16* to 64 with certain conditions or disabilities, people 65 and older, and other frontline essential workers in priority group 1b.

*Our health district has the Moderna vaccine at this time, so we aren’t able to vaccine anyone under the age of 18 years old.

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