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The Mechanicsville Local letters to the editor: Week of 03/31/21

The Mechanicsville Local letters to the editor: Week of 03/31/21

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Response to point in perilous water letter to editor

Re: “America navigating in perilous water”.

We had the solution to those problems in office for the last four years, but the majority of Americans didn’t like being ruled by an insecure dictator.

Ted Mentz

Old Church

Resident claims Democrats are destroying land

I miss President Trump. He would not have our National Guard out in all kinds of weather and sleeping in car garages, eating food that is going bad. Several have gotten sick from it. Is this how you treat our people of America?

As I see Joe Biden and John Kerry on TV telling people on the pipeline to get another job. I would like for them to get another job for they are not doing a good job for America. They and the Democratic Party are destroying our beautiful land.

I would like to hear from Biden’s doctor if he has one. There is definitely something wrong with him. That man needs his wife sitting next to him while speaking. How big a role is Mrs. Biden playing in this game of his?

Why is Nancy Pelosi and Biden keeping up the fence around the Capitol and taking down part on the border. I can’t wait for Pelosi to get out. She is a menace to our country and take Chuck (Schumer) with her. The Dems are a party of evil.

Biden does not know where the yellow went. He is a sick and sad president. I didn’t vote for him. Democrats are all in left field.

President Trump spoke for 1½ hours on Sunday, Feb. 28, in Florida. He was great. As an American, I want him back in office. He is a take-charge president of our country – America. The men on the pipeline would still be working.

As we go toward voting with ID for a new Virginia governor, I hope people will vote Republican. We have had enough with the Democrats.

Wake up, people, it’s not a time to sleep. God bless the United States of America.

Arlene Vietmeier


Thanks for article about wax museum

Just a note to thank you for the article you had in your paper about the wax museum in Washington, D.C., by Jim Ridolphi. I enjoyed reading it very much. I was a resident of Northern Virginia from 1950 to 2019. I remember the wax museum very well, and was very moved by the Four Chaplains. And, like the author, it made a lasting impression on me.

Our father, Joseph Malia, was a native Washingtonian. He always wanted going to Washington, D.C., even in his 90s.

I hope that Mr. Ridolphi will write more articles about Washington, D.C. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Betty McGowan


Social Services Board thanks support staff

(Editor’s note: The following, addressed to Dear Hanover County Social Services Office Support Employees:, was submitted by Bernadette A. Cornelius, chair,)

Hanover County Social Services Advisory Board.)

In honor of Office Services Support Employee Appreciation Month in April 2021, the Hanover County Social Services Advisory Board would like to recognize all of its office service support staff and thank each of them for your dedicated service to the citizens of Hanover County.

They continue to meet the needs of this community by assisting diverse populations and providing excellence in interoffice efficiency and providing support in all areas of Administration, Benefit Programs and Family Services.

They perform their duties admirably with diplomacy and meet the challenges of a constantly changing environment by ensuring that job functions are handled in an accurate and timely manner. The Social Services Advisory Board recognizes their individual contributions to public service and commends their many accomplishments. We thank all for a job well done.

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