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The Mechanicsville Local Letters to the Editor: Week of 10/14/20

The Mechanicsville Local Letters to the Editor: Week of 10/14/20

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President’s successes not uncommon

Chuck Williamson’s letter to the editor Sept. 30, 2020: “Eyes open to successes”. I see nothing different in this list of your Trump successes that have not been in every presidents list of successes at election time for the last 150 years. These are just trivial things that come and go. Just like the weather and next week the numbers will be different.

Mother Nature has more effect on the economy than any president has ever had. Who can put more people to work than Mother Nature? Fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes -- everything of destruction adds millions of jobs and billions of dollars into the economy every year. If you happen to be president in a disastrous year your numbers will look good.

Whenever you take the bait and spend too much time looking at what they want you to see, you miss out on what they do not want you to see. Edgar Allen Poe said, “Believe nothing you hear and only one half of what you see”.

Well, if that is the case over the last 3.5 years, half of what I have seen and believe tells me that this president has completely hijacked the judicial system and if re-elected will completely own the political system. He has focused and found the loopholes in the Constitution that has enabled him to put his actors in acting positions and in charge of every agency that would have any oversite of a president. This should be a concern for every citizen in the USA.

Another term with this president and anyone having a problem with the president’s decisions will have only one choice and that is to call Ghost Busters. That will be the only agency left for you to complain to -- that is, until Ghost Busters is under his control.

What is happening is called the road to a dictatorship. Everyone has a right under the U.S. Constitution to vote a dictator into office if that is what they want. The problem with that is you will never have another free and fair election to vote a dictator out of office.

Ted Mentz

Old Church

R-MC ‘CUP’ on property a done deal

The Randolph-Macon College “CUP” (Conditional Use Permit) request is a done deal. The only reason that R-MC President Robert Lindgren appeared before the Ashland Planning Commission was to lend an air of diplomacy before the final approval is granted to R-MC, and it gave him a platform to boast of all the wonderful things that the R-MC has done for Ashland.

It (R-MC) should be up for some “Humanitarian Award” if everything President Lindgren said were true. I’m not saying he lied, but some of his claims …well.

Do you believe the school’s students give “Tens of thousands of hours to the town” in charity work yearly? Think about that for just a minute. Sounds like a lot to me when you consider that R-MC has less than 1,300 (estimated) students. That would not leave much time for partying and drinking. Geez.

I had no clue that R-MC students spent $5,500 each in Ashland every year. That is impressive, if correct, (you must do some math, based upon figures he used).

To the point: 301 Caroline. R-MC wants a “CUP” for that property and President Lindgren’s only point is that the town gave 303 Caroline a “CUP” so what’s the problem?

The problem is that the town should not have given a “CUP” to 303 Caroline to begin with. Why? There are three properties on that block whose “Taxable Value” exceeds a couple of million dollars.

R-MC now owns all three. Does R-MC pay any property taxes on those properties? I don’t know.

How many other residential properties in Ashland have R-MC acquired and taken off the “Tax Books”?

R-MC gets full use of the roads and sewage systems, but only pays a very small percentage in property taxes as I have been informed.

If R-MC is paying property tax on all the residential properties it has acquired – my sincere apology!

Why do I believe any formality regarding R-MC’s request is a waste of time? R-MC is building a new nursing school building.

Last spring, I sent emails to the Ashland and Hanover Public Works Departments advising them that the erosion control efforts were insufficient.

Every time it rained a “Red Creek” flowed down Caroline.

If anything was said by the works departments – no one paid any attention to them. Fact!

Ashland Public Works had to respond a couple of times to clear the mud from the sewer to handle the run-off – after my emails.

I sent emails to all Ashland Town Council members regarding R-MC’s “CUP” request.

Of the five sent, I received one reply. I think that speaks volumes regarding who runs Ashland.

It’s possible that because of the virus town council members are not checking their mail. It’s possible.

Buddy Cousins


Remedying racial injustice and oppression

Although God views His children to be equal, mankind contrived oppression, a global cancer that infected America in the 17th Century; the affront to human dignity did not markedly diminish after slavery was abolished in America, continuing the betrayal of the nation’s founding principles and Constitution.

Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., a gutsy, peace-advocating Christian, and the support of like-spirited Americans, societal mixing of the Caucasian and Negro races began to reform in the middle of the 20th Century and made steady progress, especially over the last two generations.

This year brought highly-publicized incidents of racial injustice that became impediments in the evolution, catalyzing a backlash of emotionally-charged protests, both violent and non-violent, rooted in centuries of racism.

As long as evil exists in the world and in this nation of 330+ million people, absolute justice always will be an aspiration that is never fully realized nor will America be free of felons and a criminal justice system.

When infesting human beings, malevolence also is identity blind, making the broad-brush castigation of groups based on isolated events both unreasonable and extremely dangerous.

Considering America’s history prior to King, the body of its work towards social justice for African-Americans and other identity groups made impressive strides in a relatively short timeframe.

And unless we deliver a mortal, self-inflicted wound, this will likely continue and eventually bring racial accord and reconciliation.

Instead of allowing our mindset to be governed by the views of others, especially activists or celebrities with self-serving agendas and access to media platforms, we should focus on our individual experience and the intelligence God gave us.

And speaking of God, unity is best achieved by simply practicing His expectation that we treat each other with the profound decency that we demand for ourselves.

Daniel Corso


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