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The Mechanicsville Local Letters to the Editor: week of 12/23/20

The Mechanicsville Local Letters to the Editor: week of 12/23/20

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Wittman loyal to his party not democracy

On Dec. 10, U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA 1st District) signed on to an amici curiae brief to show his support for a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of the United States.

The lawsuit essentially asks the court to disregard the legitimately cast votes of citizens in four states and give those votes and an electoral win to Donald Trump. The secretaries of state in all 50 states have stated that there was no fraud in this election. Trump lost. That is the truth.

This ongoing ploy by Donald Trump and his enablers to falsely claim fraud, pretend that he won, and rally his supporters to anger and, potentially, to violence is the most vile and disgusting display of unpatriotic behavior that I have witnessed in my adult life.

And now Rob Wittman has joined in and, in so doing, has violated his oath of office to “… support and defend the Constitution of the United States ...”

You cannot defend the Constitution and, at the same time, try to overturn the legitimate results of an election.

Perhaps this should not come as a surprise because Wittman’s loyalty has consistently been to the Republican Party, not to the United States.

So, to the citizens of Hanover County and Ashland who voted to give Rob Wittman another term, I hope you are happy. You’ve managed to re-elect someone who essentially is a traitor to our democratic republic.

Jacqueline Anderson


Presidential election postscript

In a PBS documentary, America’s remarkable, humble treasure Ken Burns, who reveals historical truth in the service of his beloved nation, reminded the audience of an obscure but relevant introspective attributed to America’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.”

Fast forward to the 2020 presidential election in which career politician Joe Biden defeated apolitical, incumbent Donald Trump amid allegations of election fraud, corruption of grave national concern if true.

As the nation moved towards November, a perfect storm comprised of COVID-19, brutal racial incidents, violent protests and felons defying law enforcement signaled that Trump could be in trouble despite his excellent record over the last four years.

At this point, the transition of presidential power from the media’s Prince of Darkness to Biden will take place on Jan. 20, 2021.

Although continued improvement should always be the goal of any society/government, questions abound regarding Biden’s capability.

Despite the physical and mental enhancements that boosted the 78-year-old across the finish line, Biden has slipped markedly from the strong, seasoned Democrat that Obama named second in command, leaving unanswered questions about his fitness for the task.

The primary duty of every president is to secure America from external and internal threats that would undermine its international status and the freedom/welfare of its citizens. How will Biden handle the next conflict with the likes of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping or Kim Jong-un? Or an Osama bin Laden clone? We can safely bet that his resolve will be tested … and with him, America’s.

Biden has already declared his intention to countermand Trump’s initiative to safeguard America’s borders, a dangerous notion that past presidents, including Democratic Party predecessors have consistently rejected.

And will he stand firmly behind law and order when a significant portion of his constituency regard it contemptuously?

We also don’t know the outcome of his possible involvement with his son Hunter’s alleged illegal dealings. At least one Republican conspiracy theorist postulated that Biden is merely a stand-in for Kamala Harris and that his premature ouster will come at the hands of the Democratic Party. This may be far-fetched, but integrity is often absent in politics.

This nation is politically divided and wobbling without any applied force from enemies, the potential demise that Lincoln hypothesized long ago.

If America ever topples, citizens would have a front row seat at the real meaning of anarchy and/or oppression. The pulse of the nation’s concern over its future has been highly visible with the massive demand for arms and ammunition.

Every American, irrespective of political persuasion, should support its elected president, respecting the officeholder’s duty to uphold the nation’s Constitution and defend our freedom/welfare. The notable exception would be a betrayal of those responsibilities.

Now, 250+ years after this resilient nation rebelled against England, its destiny remains as it has from the outset, in the hands of its foundation, God Almighty.

Daniel Corso


Socialism exposed in the U.S.

“Socialism” ... (“theory or practice where the means of capital generation is owned/controlled by the people”). Nothing at all to do with Marx/Engels or communism (a lie from its beginning). As in “social security, the U.S. military, public schools/libraries, the local banking system, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.

Why are people scared to death of the “evil one unleashed upon us” (“Joe Biden’s socialism”)? The “evil socialists” (Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren) are coming for your young. “They’re stealing our land and women!” (Always remember this was Dylan Roof’s battle cry). They’re going to enslave children in restaurant basements (without basements?). And Joe Biden is so moderate he’s boring (and I’ll take boring over evil anytime).

These falsehoods, smoke screens, lies, foolish fantasies and fake “alternative facts” (thank you, KellyAnne) are meant for one reason and one reason only! They’re meant to “keep us from paying attention to that man behind the curtain!!”

The one thing (people who’ve lived in NYC for decades) will tell you (and being in the military for 24 years gives you the opportunity to meet folks from everywhere) is that “Mister” Trump is only good at “lying, smoke screens, fantasies, and fake alternative facts.”

He’s honed this (“expertise?”) since 1973 when he and his daddy kept Black folks from renting “Trump Management Company’s” high-end expensive luxury apartments (this, of course, illustrates how stupid he also is) because (news flash) Black folks’ money is just as green as white folks’.

Trump marked perspective tenants’ names on a list with a “C” for “colored” to keep them out of these apartments (again, very stupid). As a reference, Google “trump management company 1973.”

Trump also used a pseudonym “John Baron” when calling into a NYC radio show in the 1970s and ‘80s to disdain then Mayor Ed Koch (who knew how evil Trump was way back then). These two hated each other (because again, Ed knew the real Trump).

Trump has never been an author so the only reason he’d refer to himself using the pseudonym “John Baron” was his continued cowardice, which still reigns true in 2020 (and illustrates how stupid he is to try to fool folks in 1970/‘80s).

The only “evil one running rampant” (which has spent the last 47 months rampantly running) in our country will be leaving the stolen office in about five weeks (at this writing).

“DJ” Trump will only be seen by historians as a mere anomaly in our continuing march to improve our infant self-rule experiment of Constitutional democracy.

DJ Trump will become known as the dark horse’s patoot who nearly ended our fledgling democracy for his own benefit.

Why/how does he get 126 sitting members of Congress to commit sedition by backing his continued attempts at thwarting the democratic process (they shouldn’t be seated in the 117th Congress either)?

Why are groups of hate mongers marching on the streets of D.C.(burning BLM banners)? Why is it that when we push back against racism, we’re labeled as “socialists” (or even “communists”?)? Because Trumpism has replaced all the other evil “isms.” Because Trumpism has become a “blind cult.” At least Jim Jones and David Koresh had overt cult theories. At least the true evil could be seen. Trumpism is invisible.

Trumpism is the neoFascism which is replacing the old Republican guard. He (as of now) may have lost this time. But concrete fascism takes awhile to settle in. Hitlerian political theory took from 1927 until 1939 to gain a significant enough amount of foothold to take over Germany’s brand new democracy from the end of World War I.

Time will tell who the “evil one” really is. It has been this way since the dawn of human beings. The Bible is riddled with stories of how evil keeps attempting to gain footholds in various societies at various times all down through history. Keep a watchful eye out.

Keep an open mind and watch as Joe Biden cleans up the filth left on America’s front door and simultaneously “builds back better.”

Dr. Richard Ryder


Constituency built with your money

Reading the cover story in the Dec. 16 edition of The Mechanicsville Local left me pulling my hair out. Why are taxpaying citizens so inclined to buy this bunk? I am referencing the county employees getting a bonus.

In a unanimous vote (hardly surprising), the Hanover County Board of Supervisors approved a bonus payment of $750 for full-time employees and a $375 bonus for part-time employees. This includes all county and county school employees, some estimated 5,000.

County Administrator John Budesky states in the article “this represents an effort to reward employees whose merit raises were cancelled this year due to COVID budget constraints”.

Now I have been around awhile, and any definition of merit raises typically meant that specific criteria to determine which employees merited receiving a merit pay raise … but this is not done the same way in the public sector. And why not? It isn’t their money so dole it out to everyone.

They (the supervisors) can remind the ever-growing public sector next election cycle just who approved their bonus and or last raise.

Having been involved in local elections for a number of years, I have identified that the public sector has now gotten so large if a candidate can lock up their votes they are alone enough to get them across the finish line.

Budesky goes on to state “Our employees have gone well above and beyond in the efforts to address those ongoing needs”. Let’s delve into that issue in an honest manner.

Just what does that mean “gone well above & beyond”? The employees of Hanover County are paid to do a job, paid a salary, which includes a benefit package that is vastly superior to most private sector employees.

The pensions alone are now drowning states in debt. Their health insurance is largely subsidized by you and me, 12 or more paid holidays that most private sector employees do not receive.

Often overlooked is the cost of buying back of unused sick leave and/or vacation at their retirement, paid out in lump sums and swelling each year within county budgets.

To the best of my knowledge, not one Hanover County or school employee has lost their jobs during this health pandemic, nor missed a single paycheck. Not one of them has lost their health insurance like the millions in the private sector.

Eight million in the private sector are still out of work. Tens of thousands of small businesses have mortgaged their homes, borrowed from every available source of funds to try and keep their businesses afloat. Bankruptcies galore.

Equally appalling is the source of the funds used to pay for these bonuses … Budesky says that “the majority of the funds to pay for this are CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act related funds”.

Congress in their rush to “save us” apparently put little restrictions on how this money (borrowed money, I might add) was to be used.

Engage or the leviathan will swallow us.

Bob Shannon

King William T.E.A Party

(Taxed Enough Already)

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