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The Mechanicsville Local Letters to the Editor: \Week of 4/27/22

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Reader condemns Biden administration

What’s going on with the Letters to the Editor in the Mechanicsville Local? Where are they? Does no concerned voter out there have anything to say as to the condition of our country and the direction it’s headed in?

How about some letters from the Biden supporters showing their support for the current administration? There were plenty of letters prior to the 2020 election warning voters of what horrible fate would befall the country if Trump were actually able to win. Economic chaos would run rampant and minorities would be put back into chains. We would be under totalitarian rule. The United States would be the laughing stock of the entire world. Life on Earth as we knew it would go the way of the dinosaurs.

History shows that after Trump’s successful, albeit surprising win in 2016, the United States didn’t actually collapse as predicted. On the contrary, we had four years of decent economic growth. Wage increases across the board for blue collar workers of all races and colors, low inflation, illegal border crossings were decreasing as the wall was being built, we became energy independent, tax cuts, no new military interventions and a peace treaty between Israel and a number of Middle Eastern countries. The list goes on.

Was everything just sunshine and flowers? No. The Trump administration had its share of bumps in the road, but as a whole I believe most people would have said that they were better off when Trump left office compared to when he took office, COVID-19 pandemic aside.

It’s now been about fifteen months since Biden took office. Where are the letters singing Biden’s praises? He was going to reverse the downward spiral that the country was in due to the evil orange man’s policies. Biden was going to Build Back Better!

Shortly after getting into office Biden gets a $1.5 trillion Corona virus spending bill passed and then it was off to the races. What can Biden supporters crow about? Inflation is the worst it’s been in forty years, there are supply chain issues that haven’t been fixed, illegal border crossings have surged and close to two million illegals from all over the world have made their way here with absolutely no end in sight. Drug deaths from fentanyl laced drugs totaled over 100,000 in a year and fentanyl still flows across the border.

Gasoline prices have soared as the Biden administration continues its war on fossil fuels. We’ve gone from being a net exporter of oil to begging Venezuela, Iran and Russia to sell us oil. Don’t bother to ask the Saudis -- they’re having fun with their version of a Saturday Night Live sketch mocking Biden. The list unfortunately goes on.

Now, are you better off after just fifteen months of the Biden administration? If yes, by all means send in your Letter to the Editor.

Chuck Williamson



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