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The Mechanicsville Local Letters to The Editor: Week of 4/7/2021

The Mechanicsville Local Letters to The Editor: Week of 4/7/2021

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COTA observes 35th anniversary of aiding transplants

The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) was founded in April 1986 when residents of Bloomington, Indiana, rallied around a toddler who needed a life-saving liver transplant.

In less than eight weeks, the community raised $100,000 to place the boy on the organ waiting list. But he died before an organ was found.

Those community volunteers, along with his parents, turned tragedy into triumph by using those funds to help other transplant families.

For 35 years, COTA has assisted thousands of transplant families by helping to raise funds for transplant-related expenses.

COTA has built extensive volunteer networks across the nation in an attempt to ensure that no child or young adult needing an organ or tissue transplant is excluded from a transplant waiting list due to lack of funds.

We need your help today to make sure that tragedies, like the one that was the catalyst in founding COTA 35 years ago, are not repeated.

April is National Donate Life Month. Every day 20 people die in the United States waiting for an organ transplant.

One organ donor can save eight lives.

Today, 110,000 people are waiting for life-saving transplants.

Please go to and register to be a designated organ and/or tissue donor.

Rick Lofgren


Bloomington, Indiana


The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is a national charity dedicated to guiding communities in raising funds for transplant-related expenses.

COTA’s priority is to assure that no child or young adult is denied a transplant or excluded from a waiting list due to lack of funds.

One hundred percent of funds raised in honor of patients assist with a lifetime of transplant-related expenses.

Letter adds to divisions in our country

Arlene Vietmeir’s letter to the editor: “Resident claims Democrats are destroying land” on pages 6-7 in the March 31, 2021, edition of The Mechanicsville Local is outrageous and your paper’s publication of it only adds to the divisions in our country.

With mindless accusations like, “where is Biden’s doctor if he has one . . . the man needs his wife sitting with him while speaking . . . (Nancy Pelosi) she is a menace to our country . . . the Dems are a party of evil . . .”

Haven’t we had enough of all of this misinformation, big and little lies and smears?

Where is your newspaper’s ethical responsibility in putting a stop to all this nonsense from uninformed and reactionary readers?

Penny Jez, Ph.D.


Responding to last four years, majority ‘voted’

In response to: “We had the solution to those problems in office for the last four years, but the majority of Americans didn’t like being ruled by an insecure dictator.”

Maybe now these majorities that “voted”, like it better being ruled by a demented socialist dictator.

Tom Chorinos


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