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The RTD’s Discover Richmond touches on history, people, food, culture, travel and more – the topics that help define our great city and region. Enjoy the journey!

Discover Richmond - December 2020 Edition

The word "celebration" hasn't been used much in 2020 – unless, of course, the word "postponed" was nearby.

Yes, we'll be happy to close out this momentously challenging year. Pandemic and protests are the lenses through which we've seen the Richmond region in 2020 – and in this edition, we reflect on those two historic developments, with the perspectives of Dr. Danny Avula and our own Michael Paul Williams.

But consider the wider view: Our community will endure.

That's in large part thanks to servant-leaders who have dedicated themselves to Richmond long before the events of 2020. Such efforts are indeed worth celebrating, and in the sixth cycle of RTD Person of the Year – the region's leading civic recognition program, with presenting sponsor Sonabank – we spotlight 17 individuals this year who, through their broad range of contributions over time, have strengthened our region.

Indeed, our 2020 RTD Person of the Year honorees offer compelling stories of service to Richmond. And individually, they have created lasting impressions in their fields. But collectively, our honorees make a powerful statement about dedication to community. Together, they represent an inspiring image of passion and perseverance – the qualities that will power our region forward.

Be well, Richmond. Here's to a happy and healthy 2021.

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