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The RTD’s Discover Richmond touches on history, people, food, culture, travel and more – the topics that help define our great city and region. Enjoy the journey!

Discover Richmond - August 2020 Edition

Have you plowed through your Netflix backlog? Do you miss the movie theater?

The pandemic's effect on entertainment isn’t just felt by the audience – it has affected people behind the scenes. So in our new edition, we spotlight some regionally based TV and film production pros who are stars off camera. Central Virginia might not be the center of entertainment, but its pros are a truly talented cast.

In other features:

* Amid renewed attention to systemic racism, Rex Springston had been exploring a facet that has remarkably long legs: memorabilia. We look at how enduring these stereotypes have been in physical form.

* Come summer, the Hanover family farm Agriberry is plenty busy. We catch up with the Geyer clan for some berry intel.

* Under a different name and in a different time, the Central Virginia Training Center was at the heart of a dark chapter in Virginia history. We look back at Carrie Buck and the era of eugenics.

* We check out a hidden but "shrew" story, we spotlight a true giant, and we go back in time to fill 'er up – and to honk our horn for a venerable bridge in town.

Here’s to a safe and happy summer. Be well, Richmond.

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Current and past editions of the Discover Richmond magazine can be purchased at our online shop or by calling the front counter of our downtown offices at (804) 649-6261.

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