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Additional passages from the textbooks

Additional passages from the textbooks

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Here are some additional passages from state-commissioned textbooks – published in the mid-1950s and used into the 1970s – for fourth grade ("Virginia's History") and seventh grade ("Virginia"):

• Virginians supported the Confederacy because they "wanted people in every state to have their rights." (fourth)

• "Some of the Negro servants left the plantations because they heard that President Lincoln was going to set them free. ... But most of the Negroes stayed on the plantations and went on with their work. Some of them risked their lives to protect the white people they loved." (fourth)

• "Life among the Negroes of Virginia in slavery times was generally happy. The Negroes went about in a cheerful manner making a living for themselves and for those for whom they worked." (seventh)

• "Virginia did not begin the War of 1861. But when it came, she led her sister states of the South in the battle to preserve Southern homes, the Southern way of life, and the State's rights under the Constitution." (seventh)

• "President Abraham Lincoln threatened to invade Virginia and use force to interfere with the state's own affairs. Then Virginia acted in a manner worthy of the statesmen who in the past had defended her rights and of the soldiers who had defended her soil. She went to war, skillfully defending her territory and twice carrying the struggle into the enemy's country. During as heroic a defense as is recorded in history, many of her sons were killed, many of her farms and towns were destroyed, and her territory was occupied by a determined enemy. She was forced by superior numbers to lay down her arms." (seventh)

• "The English settlers and Indians learned much from each other. ... Out of this exchange of learning there came a better life for both the settlers and the Indians." (seventh)

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