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The RTD’s Discover Richmond touches on history, people, food, culture, travel and more – the topics that help define our great city and region. Enjoy the journey!

Discover Richmond - August 2020 Edition

This year, we see our region's amazing features through the fractured lens of a pandemic. But amid the utter disorientation of 2020, Richmond has shown resolve.

Yes, it's painful to think about how our renowned food scene, cultural institutions and even our great outdoors have been undermined this year. These qualities are at the heart of the significant acclaim Richmond has earned in the past decade or more.
In other features:

But the strength we've built in this century will be the foundation that allows us to recover – hopefully in 2021, and hopefully with a healthy confidence in every sense of the term. So it's fitting that the focal point of this edition, an annual guide to the region’s destinations and history, is our compilation "The Best," a rundown of favorite local businesses and culture as voted on by RTD readers.

You stepped up in droves to celebrate our local business community and more. In late spring and early summer, the RTD invited you to visit and identify your favorites in more than 100 categories. With more than 100,000 votes, you certainly chimed in – even if you haven't been able to enjoy them as in a typical year.

Our region has earned a lot of "best" designations in recent years. Here's to even more in healthier times ahead.

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Current and past editions of the Discover Richmond magazine can be purchased at our online shop or by calling the front counter of our downtown offices at (804) 649-6261.

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