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Honesty Day: Would we lie to you?

Honesty Day: Would we lie to you?

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Monday is National Honesty Day. Here are some facts about the day, its creator and what it represents:

1 M. Hirsh Goldberg, a former press secretary to a Maryland governor and author of several books, is credited with creating the day after spending several years doing research for his 1991 book, "The Book of Lies: History's Greatest Fakes, Frauds, Schemes, and Scams."

2 Goldberg said he chose April 30 because the first day of the month, April Fools Day, celebrates lying, so he wanted to end the month with a focus on honesty.

3 During his research, Goldberg found that individuals lie up to 200 times a day, including white lies, lying by omission and fudging the truth.

4 Goldberg uses the day to give Honest Abe Awards to individuals, companies or groups acting in a particularly honest way during the previous year.

5 In the most recent Gallup poll of most honest professions, Americans ranked nurses as the most honest, while car salespeople, lobbyists and members of Congress held a three-way tie for the least honest.

Holly Prestidge


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