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Install track lighting

Install track lighting

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You’ ll find a good selection of track lighting components and kits sold online and at home centers.

The directional heads of track lighting make it one of the most versatile fixtures that can be used in any room. We see tracks wherever lighting is needed for working at a desk, preparing food or over a workbench, places around a home where illumination is important.

You’ll find a good selection of track lighting components and kits sold online and at home centers. The components are available in different styles and materials and sold separately to create a custom lighting system. Some rails can be straight, while others are curved and winding and are supported by standoff tubes. The heads come in different sizes and shapes using incandescent, LED, halogen and low voltage bulbs.

A track lighting kit includes a section of rail with adjustable heads and mounting hardware.

Both types of track lighting are installed at an existing light fixture.

To replace a ceiling fixture with a four-light, 10-foot track light system with a 120-watt transformer and bulbs, an electrician will charge $437, which includes labor and material. Assuming there’s an existing ceiling fixture in the room and you have electrical experience and tools, you can buy the system for $160, do the job yourself and save 63%.

If there is no existing ceiling fixture, hire an electrical contractor to add a new electrical line to the room, because the job is best left to a professional.

If you do the job you’ll need basic electrical tools, including an electric drill, a screwdriver, wire strippers and cutters, and, of course, a ladder. As always, when you’re working with electricity, pay close attention and bone up on the instructions before doing anything. For safety’s sake before you begin, don’t forget to turn the power off at the main circuit panel, not just at the light switch.

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Pro Cost — DIY Cost — Pro time — DIY Time — DIY Savings — Percent Saved

$437 — $160 — 5.6 — 4.0 — $277 — 63%


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