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These cat names are the most popular in US, according to

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Cats are cats. One moment they're into you, the next they act like they don’t know you.

Cat owners can't get enough of two pet names, and they now rank as the most popular in the United States.

Luna is the No. 1 name for female cats while Oliver tops the list for male cats, according to results published Tuesday.

The online pet care resource said it created the list after it studied data that more than 1 million users shared on its website. The data was gathered in September and October, marking the 10th straight year of the analysis.

"Bella was eclipsed by Luna as the most popular female dog name in 2022, making Luna the #1 name for both female dogs and cats for the first time," wrote in a news release.


Which other names do people give their cats most often? Rounding out the top five:

• Lily (female) and Milo (male).

• Bella (female) and Leo (male).

• Lucy (female) and Charlie (male).

• Nala (female) and Max (male).

In addition to the nation's most common cat names, also determined those that were "trending." This year's hottest name for felines is Hella, with other names inspired by pop culture and dining trends gaining traction across the country.

At the same time, some pandemic-related names such as "Covid" and "Dr. Fauci" continue to grow in popularity, according to the report.

"Rover's database of millions of user-submitted pet names reveals how names we lovingly choose for our pets reflect our passions and lifestyles, and often serve as a time capsule for the moment we welcomed them into our families," Kate Jaffe, a trend expert, wrote in the news release.


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