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    Officials from Poland and the European Union have discussed artillery munitions manufacturing as part of a new, 2 billion euro ($2.2 billion) program to supply Ukraine in its war against invading Russian forces and to replenish Europe's dwindling stocks. EU commissioner for internal market, Thierry Breton, was visiting a munition plant in southeast Poland Monday, accompanied by the prime minister and the defense minister. They said the EU needs to urgently increase its ammo output with an all-out war across its eastern border, while its 27 member states are encouraged to offer their existing stocks to Ukraine, which has pleaded for that.

      Alibaba founder Jack Ma has resurfaced in China after months of overseas travel, visiting a school in the eastern city of Hangzhou where he discussed various topics including artificial intelligence. Ma founded e-commerce firm Alibaba in the 1990s and was once China’s richest man. He has kept a low profile with few public appearances since Nov. 2020, when he had publicly criticized China's regulators and financial systems during a speech in Shanghai. In the past year, Ma has been travelling, with reports of sightings in Europe, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong. His itinerary has been closely watched as a barometer of Beijing's attitude towards private businesses.

        Some parts of Twitter’s source code _ the fundamental computer code on which the social network runs _ were leaked online, the social media company said in a legal filing that was first reported by The New York Times. According to the legal document, first filed with the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California on Friday, Twitter had asked GitHub, an internet hosting service for software development, to take down the code where it was posted. The platform complied and said the content had been disabled, according to the filing. The company also asked the court to identify the alleged individual or group that posted the information without Twitter’s authorization.

          On the one side are dozens of lawmakers on Capitol Hill issuing dire warnings about security breaches and possible Chinese surveillance. On the other are some 150 million TikTok users in the U.S. who just want to be able to keep making and watching short, fun videos offering makeup tutorials and cooking lessons. The disconnect illustrates the uphill battle lawmakers face in trying to convince the public that China could use TikTok as a weapon against the American people. But many users on the platform are more concerned about the possibility of the government taking away their favorite app.

            For exactly 50 years, Oregon’s farms and forests have been protected from urban sprawl by the nation’s first statewide law creating urban growth boundaries. But now, a bill being considered in Oregon’s Legislature could authorize the governor to unilaterally expand boundaries as part of the state's quest to lure chip companies and provide land for them to build their factories. The measure would also provide $200 million in grants to chipmakers. Farmers and conservationists are worried about the proposal and what it will mean for a state that cherishes its open spaces. State officials and lawmakers are eager to bring more semiconductor factories to Oregon.

              German news agency dpa says Lufthansa’s operations have been disrupted at Frankfurt airport because of technical problems. A Lufthansa spokeswoman told dpa on Sunday that check-in systems on the airline’s website and at the counter as well as boarding were affected at Germany’s biggest airport. Some flights were delayed or would have to be canceled because of the problems. Check-in was still possible using cellphone browsers on smartphones or tablets and the Lufthansa app. Dpa reported that the technical problems were caused by external IT service providers.

                Gordon Moore, the Intel Corp. co-founder who set the breakneck pace of progress in the digital age with a simple 1965 prediction of how quickly engineers would boost the capacity of computer chips, has died. He was 94. Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation say Moore died Friday at his home in Hawaii. Moore made his famous observation three years before he helped start Intel in 1968. It's now known as “Moore’s Law." Moore later became known for his philanthropy when he and his wife established the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

                Healthy eating is not a black and white issue. It’s shades of gray — and sweets are definitely in the gray area. It’s true, sugary-filled treats shouldn’t be a major part of your diet. However, there’s also no reason why they need to be banned entirely. In fact, for many, swearing off favorite treats may cause feelings of deprivation, which can lead to cravings and over-indulgence. That said, the key to enjoying treats is balance.

                Springtime marks asparagus season, when they are easily available and reasonably priced. You’ ll want to select asparagus that are all the same thickness so they will cook evenly. Very fresh asparagus will have closed tips and slightly moist ends.

                One skillet is all you need to create this satisfying, veggie-loaded breakfast (or dinner) dish. This skillet is packed with mushrooms, bell pepper and chard to help up your veggie count for the day and is topped with bacon, eggs, cheese, pico de gallo and fresh cilantro.

                Between atmospheric rivers in California, Hurricane Ian in Florida, flash floods in Kentucky and monsoons in Las Vegas, floods have caused billions of dollars in damage over the past year alone. You may not think flooding could ever affect your home. However, 90% of natural disasters in the U.S. involve floods, according to the Federal Emergency...

                The Idaho Senate has passed a bill criminalizing gender-affirming healthcare for minors, one month after the state House passed similar. KTVB reports the Senate approved the measure 22-12.  It would bar transgender and transitioning children, or children with gender dysphoria, from receiving hormones or puberty blockers to alleviate their symptoms or help them with transitioning. Doctors prescribing these hormones or blockers could be charged with a felony and face prison time. The bill returns the House for consideration of Senate amendments. If the House agrees, the bill will go to Gov. Brad Little. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends gender affirming care to treat children struggling with gender dysphoria.

                Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a temporary “e-tattoo” for the palm that can track excitement and stress using the skin’s electrical conductivity. The e-tattoo could be a reliable way for people with conditions such as anxiety or depression to track their emotions.

                Kansas’ highest court has signaled that it still considers access to abortion a “fundamental” right under the state constitution. Multiple justices expressed skepticism Monday during hearings over two abortion-related lawsuits and peppered an attorney for the state with tough questions as he argued that a decisive statewide vote last year affirming abortion rights “doesn’t matter.” The court ruled in 2019 that the state constitution protects abortion rights, and voters affirmed that last summer. One of the two cases before the state Supreme Court deals with a 2015 law banning a common second-trimester abortion procedure. The other involves a 2011 law regulating abortion providers more strictly than other health care providers. Neither law has been enforced.

                Indiana’s Republican General Assembly is advancing a measure to ban virtually all gender-affirming medical care for minors in the state. The Indiana House voted Monday 65-30 to approve the bill, which already cleared the Senate. The bill now heads to Indiana’s Republican governor, who hasn’t said publicly if he’ll sign it. If he does, minors in Indiana won't be allowed to access hormone therapies or puberty blockers in the state. People speaking in opposition to the healthcare restrictions say those types of treatment are often life-saving for trans kids. But backers of the legislation have raised doubts on the safety and reversibility of those treatments.


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