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Letters to the Editor for week of Aug. 18

Letters to the Editor for week of Aug. 18

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Refinance of TCSD bond showed board of supervisors at its best

Dear Editor,

It’s nice to be able to express a positive opinion to the editor in this pandemic time.

Regarding the TCSD, I wish to congratulate Goochland County for re-financing the TCSD bond amid much social and economic turmoil.

My husband and I moved here in early 2011 and were very aware and supportive of the re-fi in 2012, which at the time seemed like a huge hurdle to pass.

That this took place a second time, and was quiet and seamless, shows that our board of supervisors and adjunct staff are not only efficient and effective, but are also fiscally responsible.

In these times, that is extremely important and relevant.

My thanks to everyone involved. Good job. Goochland!

Rose Vrabel

Manakin Sabot

Consequences of keeping schools closed worse than that of virus

Dear Editor,

Your story “School board delays vote” and your editorial about fear and reality were very well written.

I have to believe you must not live in Goochland if you have any fear of stepping out of your front door and “wait for something awful to happen.”

Goochland County is one of the safest places to live.

I have lived in Goochland for 45 years and traveled all over the U.S. and many other countries.

There is no safer place than Goochland County.

I will continue to question funding for the Goochland Sheriff’s Office and their purchases of military equipment, but Goochland deputies are the most professional, service-oriented, and best dressed of any police force in the U.S.

Hopefully our new sheriff can manage his budget better than Sheriff Agnew.

At age 72 and with no kids in school, I don’t have a “dog in the hunt” regarding school reopening except I pay a heck of a lot of property taxes to support the Goochland school system.

So I figure I have a right to express an opinion on school opening.

If the schools don’t reopen. I want some tax money back.

Any informed person knows the coronavirus only affects a very small percentage of the U.S population and even a smaller percent of the Goochland population.

Additionally, COVID-19 affects mostly seniors and kids are virtually immune.

Most young to middle age folks who catch COVID-19 usually have no symptoms more than the flu or a cold.

But some die as with the flu and I understand that.

But my military background causes me to believe the concept of “acceptable casualties.”

We cannot shut down everything for fear of a virus that has minor effects on a minority of people regardless of how contagious it is.

The Goochland school system should fully reopen, do the best you can, and accept the consequences.

The economic and social consequences of not returning to normal are worse than the coronavirus.

And concerning my District 2 School Board Representative, Mr. Quarles.

I know Mr. Quarles was a nuclear safety expert at the North Anna power plant and is a dedicated Democrat.

So Mr. Quarles knows perfectly well how to skew the school decision for political purposes.

The District 1 representative Sandra Barefoot-Reid also appears to be a bleeding heart liberal who is clearly not familiar with recent evidence concerning covid-19 or ignores it.

These Democrat-minded people are clearly more interested in doing everything possible to stagnate the economy for the purpose of making President Trump look bad and get him out of office in November at the expense of Goochland children.

Sad but probably true.

The bottom line is that school and business closures are the Democrat effort to win the next presidential election, and Quarles and Barefoot-Reid should be ignored both now and at the next election.

Art Bachman

Gum Spring

In light of dangers, distance learning is right for Goochland

Dear Editor

We have been very pleased with the high quality of teaching that our child has received in Goochland County schools.

We feel very fortunate that the educational experiences are so well done.

We know this does not just happen, it requires the continued dedication of the school board, administration and instructional and support teams.

It has not been easy to carry on during this pandemic and the end is not in sight yet.

The tragedy is current but we will see it end.

No one can say when we will be in a better place but we are confident we will see it.

The recent decision, after much deliberation to implement a comprehensive distance learning environment, is the right decision for right now.

As the crisis evolves and hopefully subsides we can then return to a more traditional learning experience.

The board has made the right decision.

We support this decision.

Education is critical but the health and safety of our students and teachers are critical pre-cursers to the educational experience.

You all are very brave to do what is right even when there is resistance.

We thank you for doing what is right.

And we look forward to returning to a classroom experience in the future when the time is right.

Best regards,

George R Peterson


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