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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Hobbs is best qualified to serve residents as District 2 supervisor

Dear Editor,

Wendy Hobbs is a dedicated and successful leader who has served the Goochland community for many years in many capacities. The term ‘servant leader’ is overused; however, Mrs. Hobbs deserves the title more than anyone else I know. She holds or has held leadership positions in numerous community non-profit organizations, including the Kates Foundation, Goochland Recreational Center, Goochland NAACP, Goochland County Community Health Improvement Steering Committee. She rose through the ranks of the Virginia Correctional Department to serve as Superintendent, Warden and Regional Administrative of Prisons.

Mrs. Hobbs’ road to breaking barriers and demonstrating courage started early in her life when she was one of the first to integrate a previously segregated school. This experience is often minimized. Parents often go to great lengths to protect their children. They ensure their children are matched with supportive teachers and protected from bullies. African-American parents in the 1960s had to put their children in harm’s way for the more significant cause of obtaining a better education for all children. As a young child, Mrs. Hobbs was separated from her former friends and classmates and endured an unfriendly environment to blaze a trail for other African-American children. She was courageous then, and she remains courageous now, as she fights for equality and fair treatment of all citizens.

In addition to her extensive work and volunteer experience, Mrs. Hobbs is highly educated, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Master’s degree in Administration. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. She knows the challenges of working, managing a household and giving back to the community.

Mrs. Hobbs is well known among the leaders of Goochland as an outspoken advocate for the underrepresented. She is no stranger to serving on community boards and making tough decisions. I have total confidence in Mrs. Hobbs’ ability to serve Goochland County as the District 2 Supervisor.

A vote for Wendy Hobbs is a vote for proven dedicated and compassionate leadership.

Vernon Fleming


Neilson-Hall will be an advocate for Goochland residents

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to share my enthusiastic endorsement of Crystal Neilson-Hall. I have known Crystal for five years.

Crystal and I share a vocation; we are both farmers. I intimately understand the rigors of dairy animals, and I am so impressed with how she cares for her animals and her business.

Crystal operates her farm and her business with organized determination. She is frugal, yet knows where to invest money for the highest yields and best use.

She tirelessly plugs away at her goals until they are achieved. When elected she will give our community this focused attention.

When Crystal encounters a problem she researches, consults experts, and figures out how to solve it.

I know that when Crystal is elected she will be a tireless advocate for the residents of the First District and an asset to our whole county.

Emily Reusing Hebner


Election should be about the issues, not about hearsay

Dear Editor,

Reading the recent Letters to the Editors really disturbed me. Specifically the letter alleging that supporters for Sgt Steven Creasey are incorporating intimidation tactics to sway voters in this election for Sheriff of Goochland County. I read about “antennas being broken”, “cars being keyed”, “the elderly being harassed”, “stolen signs”. Really? Where are the police reports from the property damage; maybe there are pictures? Did anyone see these things being done? Who are the citizens being harassed?

I am here to say that I have been a supporter of Sgt Steven Creasey since he announced his candidacy and I have not been involved in or seen these things being done.

The fact that Mr. Levin White has to lean on these tactics and throw out false accusations is embarrassing and his supporters should demand better from him.

Let’s put the childish schoolyard games aside from now until Election Day.

Now to what the election should be about. I challenge the voting public to do their research, each and every one of you. Who is the only candidate in this race with experience leading deputies, currently a Sergeant in a leadership capacity and not simply a campus police officer, someone with a stable job history, budgeting experience, a successful background in working with Goochland County, it’s county leaders, the schools, and doesn’t have to learn the operations of the Sheriff’s department? The answer is Steven Creasey.

Which candidate has the trust and respect of the law enforcement in the surrounding counties and of our county’s law enforcement, emergency services, and fire personnel? Once again, Steven Creasey. Moving forward let’s stick with who will be trusted to uphold the law and do so in an ethical and professional way. Once again, that’s Steven Creasey.

Keith Stagg


Creasey remains the right choice to lead our sheriff’s office

Dear Editor,

Rarely do I endorse a product or an individual without at least some reservation. But I wanted to state publicly that I 100 percent support Steven Creasey for Sheriff of Goochland County. It is without any reservation that he receives my complete support.

We have been close friends with the Creasey family for over 40 years and have known Steven since he was born. His life has proven to me that he is truly carrying forward the valued nature and character of the Creasey family.

He has a love and respect for God and country. He is honest and trustworthy. He upholds the rights and liberties of others. He loves the citizens and the county of Goochland.

In addition to his strength of character, Steven has the proven skills, training, and education for being our next sheriff. Steven’s entire professional career in law enforcement has been with the Goochland County Sheriff’s Office. Having served over 20 years with the Sheriff’s Office, he has demonstrated his exemplary knowledge and skills in law enforcement. He has completed nearly every training class and course offered and has earned numerous certificates and awards. Additionally, Steven has the academic credentials to be sheriff. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts in Human Services-Criminal Justice from Liberty University.

The endorsements which Steven has received to date are a strong indication of his ability to work effectively within and outside of Goochland County.

He has been endorsed by at least three current members of the Board of Supervisors and to date, by the retired sheriff of Chesterfield County, the sheriffs in the counties of Cumberland, Powhatan, and Goochland. All these endorsements are significant because they indicate the types of relationships that are necessary to operate a strong and effect public safety organization.

Finally, I recommend Steven Creasey for Sheriff of Goochland County with complete confidence.

I know he will measure up to the high standards and expectations the citizens of Goochland County have of our elected officials.

Larry Mason


These days, ‘Politics’ has become one of the new dirty word

Dear Editor,

What stops people from getting involved in local, community initiatives? What keeps qualified, respected citizens from running for local government office? What keeps people home on Election Day?

Politics. That’s what.

It’s a dirty word. Believe me. I know. I’ve seen it first-hand.

When you mix local community concerns with personalities across a wide, diverse area, apparently, people can get offended; they get annoyed with each other.

They take on a cause and cannot be persuaded to even consider another angle. Things can get personal and escalate to ugly quickly. It’s truly a shame.

Respect for differing viewpoints is gone. Treating people as you would like to be treated is a concept of the past, for sure. Telling the truth – unbiased by one’s political angle – rarely happens. Trust is gone.

I’ve waded into the quagmire of politics and it is not fun. I’ve brought a few others along the way and they have been appalled at the rancor and lack of decorum they’ve seen from a group of supposedly intelligent adults. It’s soured many from any additional involvement in local, community concerns. That, too, is a shame.

For our county to continue to be a great place to live, we need citizens to be engaged and be able to talk with each other without the taint of “politics.”

We need to trust that each of us wants the best for our community though we may differ on the steps to take.

We need to listen to each other and consider alternatives to foster better solutions. We need to stop the childish antics and respect each other.

Let’s hope the population of Goochland gets involved enough to read more than road signs about the candidates this election cycle. It’s a responsibility to make informed decisions and it’s a privilege to vote for your chosen representatives.

Without individual involvement in elections, there is no true representation of the populous by candidates.

Read up on the candidates; talk with friends and neighbors; and get out to vote on Nov. 5.

Carole Scott


Those in leadership roles should have their own voice

Dear Editor,

I have been a student of politics for some time, though I am new to Goochland County. This year’s election has been of interest to me because of this “heated” Sheriff’s race. When I mention one candidate’s name, the only thing people say is that he is a “good guy”. While that is all well and good, I know plenty of good guys, but they’re not qualified to be sheriff.

I then decided to go to this candidate’s website to see what was there. At first glance, the candidate’s list of achievements appears impressive. However, upon doing my own research and asking friends in the Law Enforcement community, I am told that the list is common to any law enforcement officer taking courses to stay accredited and is required by law. Experience is an important factor when selecting elected officials; particularly at the local level. Their decisions impact your day-to-day life. Most folks want a well-rounded professional as their top law enforcement officer. Someone that has been involved in different types of cases and investigations. While I fully understand small communities detest change; I also know it is inevitable.

Being able to lead is the most important aspect of not just a Sheriff, but a candidate as well. They should lead by example and have their own voice. I have attended 3 of the 4 forums to date. The only one Mr. Creasy attended was at Mizpah Church and the questions he was given were pretty softball, as they were for most of the other candidates, as well. He accepted, then declined at the last minute, to participate at the other 2 forums. Why? Will he appear at the next one scheduled for Oct. 21?

Having little to go on, I went where everyone goes to find out about people; social media. I found a page that seemed to be filled with this candidate’s supporters, but they had little to say about him or his plan other than hashtags and pictures of bumper stickers outside of Goochland County; which seemed quite odd to me. However, they had quite a lot to say about this candidate’s opponent. I can’t repeat what I read because 1)you couldn’t print any of it in a family paper and 2)none of what was written can be verified. When people tried to ask simple questions about the candidate the people on this page support or try to defend his opponent, they were overwhelmed with a barrage of vulgar responses.

The only race I have seen that has been this combative was in 2016. Researching all of this has led me to ask several questions. Does this candidate have his own voice, or does he have to be told what to think and do? How can a “good guy” condone this type of behavior and things said on his behalf? Sometimes by saying nothing; you say much. If this candidate can’t direct his supporters to conduct themselves on his behalf; how can we expect him to protect all the citizens of the County equally? Should those that don’t support him be concerned that there will be some sort of bias against them if they ever need help? These are questions I will be asking myself in the voting booth.


Constance Arnett

Gum Spring

Matkins will not take ‘Big Pharma’ money

Dear Editor:

Healthcare is a concern for everyone, regardless of age, income, religion or politics. As a Goochland County resident, I have access to affordable health care but I know not everyone does.

Drug price fluctuation is a fact of life (or death) causing many people undue stress and worry. Those with pre-existing conditions struggle to cope with an insecure future. How did we arrive at such a complicated health care situation? Where is the leadership to guide us out of this morass?

Our elected leaders talk a good game but it seems the big drug companies’ contributions put our representatives on the spot. Money is needed to get elected but once in office, contributors are hard to ignore. It is time to stand up to the drug companies whose main interest seems to be money, not health.

There is someone running for office to represent the 56th District in the House of Delegates this November. Her name is Juanita Jo Matkins. If elected, she will represent my part of Goochland County. She is refusing to accept contributions from “Big Pharma” and is prepared to stand up for all the citizens of the 56th District. She will work tirelessly to ensure fair health care access for us all. She has my vote. I hope you’ll check her out. I think you’ll like what you see.


Maureen Kennedy


Residents need leaders who don’t ignore science

Dear Editor:

I write in support of Juanita Jo Matkins for District 56 House of Delegates seat. Here is why.

Imagine that your car won’t start tomorrow morning. What to do? Jiggle the key, check gas gauge, cuss, maybe check the spark plugs? That’s my limit before I call in a trained mechanic for his/her specialized technical knowledge. Lacking essential knowledge, I appreciate those who have it.

Now picture a politician being asked for action on climate change. Instead of admitting personal ignorance and seeking wise counsel to inform policy, many just stand before cameras and announce, “I am not a scientist!” as if that resolves the danger.

Me? I’m not a mechanic, but I want my car to work. I also want our planet to work! Science is the best system humans have devised for finding out how nature operates. Being a human enterprise, it is imperfect, but it gets amazing results overall. Since Germ Theory was established (mid-19th C), medical science has tripled our lifespan. This suggests that its high standards and bias-minimizing procedures are worthy of respect. Right now, climate scientists are nearly unanimous in recognizing climate change as both “real” (not part of a typical cyclic pattern) and largely of our own doing. Sticking fingers in ears and refusing to listen will not make the dangerous problem go away.

As a longtime science educator, Dr. Matkins understands how science works and how to find the most trustworthy technical advice. Climate science doesn’t have to be her specialty for her to learn from such specialists, just as I learn from auto mechanics. She will not be stating “I am not a scientist” and trying to change the subject.

Our children’s futures hang in the balance on this one: we cannot allow our leaders to stick their heads in the sand. On Nov. 5, please vote for the rational candidate, Juanita Jo Matkins.

Doug Mock

Manakin Sabot

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