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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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District 2’s Hobbs has epitomized life of a true servant leader

Dear Editor,

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Mrs. Wendy S Hobbs to the Goochland Board of Supervisors for District 2 Supervisor.

I have known Wendy Hobbs personally and professionally for more than 30 years. I have found her to be an amazing woman. She wears many hats, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, manager, colleague, mentor, church member and friend. Mrs. Hobbs retired from the Department of Corrections with 35 years of service. During her tenure, Wendy held numerous jobs including more than 20 years as Warden of Fluvanna and Virginia Correctional Center for Women and served five years as the Regional Administrator for Institutions in both the Eastern and Central Regions.

Mrs. Hobbs has always taken her role as a servant leader seriously. Working in the Department of Corrections she was known to be approachable. I was impressed with how Wendy would spend her lunch with different co-workers and would sit and talk with them not about work, but about what was going on with them, their families, their goals and even the fun things they did over the weekend. When she talked to you she called your name; always listening intently, and so encouraging.

Mrs. Hobbs serves as a mentor for so many and she instilled in numerous co-workers, young adults, family members and friends to become the best individuals they can be. Wendy loves to make good things happen for other people. Mrs. Hobbs is caring, compassionate, fair, and a solution-oriented person. She has a strong sense of community and believes in working for the greater good of all people.

Mrs. Hobbs holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Saint Paul’s College and a Master of Administration in Human Resources Management from Central Michigan University. Locally, Mrs. Hobbs has served on the Goochland County Local Emergency Planning Committee, Goochland County Public School Health Advisor Board and Public School Superintendent’s Community Advisory Board.

Wendy Hobbs lives a life of service whether working with co-workers, senior citizens, engaging youth to reach their potential, serving the community, working for female offender’s rights or supporting equality for all. Wendy loves her family, friends, church and people in her community.

I can say with confidence that Wendy S Hobbs will bring the same qualities of hard work, insight, integrity, support, intellect, and the desire to advocate for all to the Office of District 2 Supervisors for Goochland County. On November 5, 2019, I encourage you to vote for Wendy S. Hobbs, The People’s Choice for Progress


Virginia E. Johnson


Dedication, character have been hallmarks of Creasey’s life

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my full support and endorsement of Steven Creasey and his candidacy for Sheriff of Goochland County. Steven and I were sworn in as deputy sheriffs for Goochland County at the same time over twenty one years ago. We worked together in Goochland for many years and to this day trust one another with our lives as we continue to serve our adjacent counties.

Steven’s dedication to his community and strength of character are just two of the reasons why I can think of no better person to hold the Office of Goochland County Sheriff. Furthermore as Powhatan County Sheriff Brad Nunnally has told me many times, “People have to have integrity and courage to serve in the Sheriff’s Office. We can’t train them to have those qualities, they either have them or they don’t.” Steven has those qualities, I have witnessed it on countless occasions.

I look forward to working together with Steven at the highest levels to ensure Goochland and Powhatan counties continue to be the safe and wonderful places they are. I respectfully ask for your support and vote for Steven Creasey for Goochland County Sheriff on November 5th, 2019.


Jeffery S. Searfoss

Chief Deputy Powhatan County Sheriff’s Office

Former Goochland County Deputy and Goochland’s 1st SRO

Picture painted of supervisor was not exactly accurate

Dear Editor,

Last week’s letter from Mr. John D. Meyers of Columbia waxed rhapsodic over the job performance of County Supervisor Susan Lascolette, praising her for delivering fairytale-happy results and urging her re-election. I write to note that some of these fairytales are at odds with reality. I offer two examples.

First, Lascolette was portrayed as a champion of rural high-speed internet. Actually, she has been dragging her feet for 8 years on that one, publicly arguing that county money should not be used for such things, which should be handled entirely by the private sector. Sadly, it is not profitable for Comcast et al. to serve thinly populated rural areas (notably including LascoletteDs own District 1), so nothing tangible has happened. This is familiar stuff: rural America would not have received electricity in the 1930s or telephone service in the 1950s if these steps had depended exclusively on corporations pursuing quarterly profits. Instead, essential infrastructure support had to come from the public sector to make those things go forward. Broadband is todayss variation on that theme.

Another example, Mr. Meyers extols Lascolette as “committed to keeping Goochland rural.” This should be easy. Developers advance proposals for new housing tracts that the Board can deny if they are at odds with the countyss goal of remaining sessentially rural.” Here in Manakin Sabot, the Board had no visible qualms about the recent proposal for Tuckahoe Bridge, where the developer initially wanted to cram 198 houses onto a 98-acre tract. The re-zoning hearings were epic. According to our Comprehensive Plan, this area was to have no more than one house per acre. It took repeated hearings by the Planning Commission (which voted NO, 4-1) and the Board of Supervisors, one of which lasted 4 hours as the local residents blasted the proposal. The developer then retreated to eonlyo 147 houses…more push-back. Then 123 houses…continued resistance. Finally, the Board approved a plan for 98 houses, finally conforming to the Comprehensive Plan.

Why should it take this much citizen resistance to get the Board to uphold these basic and clear guidelines? If Lascolette wanted to keep Goochland rural, why did she not simply tell the developer to bring his plan in line with our countycs stated limits? Instead, the Board was wishy-washy for months.

This is unacceptable job performance. In stark contrast, Lascolettess opponent, Crystal Neilson-Hall, has been pressing hard for the county to seek infrastructure grants to facilitate extending broadband to all county residents. The Board did virtually nothing for years, not moving toward any real action until just a few weeks before the November election! Wheress the leadership in that? Neilson-Hall would vote no for bad development plans that ignore our countyss guidelines, insisting that Goochland grow on its own terms, not those that maximize developer profits. If the Board would consistently uphold our standards, developers eager to make Goochland look like Glen Allen would know better than to submit proposals wildly in conflict with our guidelines.

Basically, Lascolette has had 8 years to demonstrate the values that Meyers claims for her. Instead, she has been hostile to broadband and insufficiently hostile to those who see Goochland as just another suburb. Neilson-Hall will be a big improvement in both areas.

Douglas Mock

Manakin Sabot

Why was candidate’s trespassing charge not reported ?

Dear Editor,

Can you please explain why the Goochland Gazette (an RTD Publication under the BH Media umbrella) as the Paper of Record for Goochland County, did not think the citizens of Goochland would be interested to know that Levin White, candidate for Sheriff, had a warrant out for his arrest and was charged with trespassing on private property on October 4, 2019? The incident was caught on a game camera. Mr. White is charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. According to § 18.2-11. of the Code of Virginia, the maximum punishment for a Class 1 misdemeanor is confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both. He is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 4, 2019 (the day before the election).

Why the silence? I think the people of Goochland need to know that a man who wants to be our Sheriff feels that the law does not apply to him. That is very scary to me.

Barbara Slone


Editor’s note: Due to the newspaper’s press time, news about the charge against White did not appear in the Gazette the week that the incident occurred. Instead, it was included as part of a story in last week’s edition.)

Those who run for local office must be qualified for the job

Dear Editor:

Once upon a time in America, being a public servant meant that people holding public office actually served the public. More and more we see individuals who seek public office so the public can serve them.

These individuals rarely volunteer their time in any of the numerous organizations needing volunteers in their local communities. Some volunteer to build their resumes, but they do not actually put in any time helping others.

Running for public office is no picnic. Having run and won twice, I know how important it is to know and observe all the rules. Doing so is an indication of how you will serve if elected. Many in Goochland County know how embarrassed we were when a public servant was arrested for embezzlement. It took nearly three years to clean up the mess and restore public trust in that office. The legal problems were just the most public of the many management issues prevalent in that office for years.

The State Board of Elections requires all candidates to file several financial reports which enumerate all contributions and expenses during established time periods. Goochland Sheriff candidate White was cited during the summer months for campaign violations. In addition, the Finance Report for the July 1 – August 31 period, due on September 15, omitted in-kind contributions and was filed late on September 30. The next report for the September 1-30 period, due on October 15, omitted an advertising expense that should have been reported.

By the same token, past performance is a strong indicator of how a candidate will handle the responsibilities of elected office. Critical to the interest of the taxpayer funding these offices is careful management of the monies appropriated for the execution of the duties of those offices supported by local government.

The Sheriff’s Office FY2020 budget exceeds $5.8 million dollars. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed that fifteen warrants in debt were served on Candidate White from on or about March, 2004 through August 2015.

Having issued over 200 Warrants-in-Debt as Goochland Treasurer, I can tell you that these are not issued until after numerous attempts to collect the debts have been exhausted. Probably all of us have missed a payment or been late at least once in our lives. These warrants are a concern because they are not issued immediately after a payment is late. On the contrary, they are normally only issued months or even a year after the initial due date has passed without payment. The years over which this transpired is a concern because of its indication of past neglect. One of the warrants was for a bill from a country club.

Several correspondents to this newspaper have indicated that they have researched the candidates. True research involves more than reading a candidate’s own website and literature. There will be no negative information there.

Carefully following the rules and the law are serious indicators of how a person will perform if elected to office, particularly the office of Sheriff.

Because I love Goochland County and want what is best for all of us, I encourage everyone to vote for Steven Creasey for Sheriff. His past performance and volunteerism are strong indicators of his desire to serve the public.


Pamela C. Johnson


Candidates should have more than just a name to run on

Dear Editor,

I moved to Goochland county in the last year from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to grow my family and be closer to the ones I love. So I am writing this letter from a perspective that is completely different than the ones I have been reading over the past few months in the Goochland Gazette. Coming from a crime infested place like Philly, I moved here and was elated with how kind the community is and how safe I feel having my young family here. Then I start seeing the vitriol being spewed in the letters to the editor section regarding the upcoming race for County Sheriff. I thought how can all these kind folks have such strong opinions on who sheriffs such a place that is arguably one of the safest in the country? So I dug a little deeper to figure out why.

The first thing I did was go to the candidate websites, and found that both were similar in design, but vastly different in content. Mr. Creasey’s page seems to be running on a whole lot of name recognition and very little substance. The “priorities” are vague and the “credentials” section reads like a manual for all things required to be a law enforcement officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It seems to be the “fluff” an eighth grader would use to get to a required word count for a paper. In stark contrast Mr. White appears to have identified areas of opportunity and plans of action to address those areas of need in the community. His “certifications” page reads like actual certifications above and beyond his job requirements, and he even has a disclaimer: I have 150+ certifications that are not listed here but are required to be a law enforcement officer (not an exact quote but you get the gist.)

As an outsider it seems to me that Goochland truly only has one real answer for candidate for Sheriff, you can choose between someone who is running on a platform of “Hey I have known you all my life, I have worked here all my life, and you all loved my daddy so vote for me!” or a real, actually serious candidate with serious proposals with a diverse criminal justice background that can help move a fast growing county into the 21st century of law enforcement. I will leave you with one quote from the late great Ned Creasey when he first ran for Board of Supervisors in 2007: “For far too long Goochland has been entrusted to what some people would call the “Good Ole Boy” network….It was a shell game played behind a veil of organized confusion.” Who do you trust with the safety of your family and community, a man with a name, or a man with a plan?

Brandon M Conner


Hobbs will ensure needs of District 2 are addressed

Dear Editor,

The best choice for the District 2 Board of Supervisor seat for Goochland County is candidate Mrs. Wendy Hobbs. Mrs. Hobbs is a woman of integrity and honesty. She is a community-minded individual who regularly puts the needs of others before her own priorities. When she commits to a task, she will give one hundred percent, nothing less. This is best evidenced through her substantial community work, both in a professional and civic capacity. The life of someone working in the public interest can often be demanding requiring an individual to commit time, a physical presence and engagement. In her capacity as a community leader, she has worked diligently for citizens of Goochland County by articulating concerns and issues to those in position, who would effect changes to benefit those in need.

I have known Mrs. Hobbs since 1992, when she was the Warden of the Virginia Correctional Center for Women, located in Goochland County. I had the honor to work for her and beside her for approximately eight years. Mrs. Hobbs’ professionalism and interpersonal skills allowed her to cultivate a strong team environment and gain the respect of her employees and peers.

In additional to the demanding obligations of the Warden’s position, she also was involved in numerous outside community endeavors. She performed her professional obligations of her position at the highest level of excellence, in addition to her many responsibilities of home, family, and church.

Managing multiple objectives requires a special skill that Mrs. Hobbs uses to achieve success. She is highly talented at being a successful multi-tasker, problem-solver, and visionary. She is compassionate and caring. She has many years of direct experience in long range strategic planning with measurable results. She also managed enormous million dollars budgets with the focus on spending taxpayer’s funds in a fiscally responsible manner.

Mrs. Hobbs possesses detailed oriented organizational skills, an ability to adapt to fluctuating circumstances, and strong interpersonal and listening skills. Her strong managerial skills allowed her to train other department head managers on the implementation of executing successful strategic planning tools. These tools were used by other mid-level managers or supervisors to motivate and bring out the best in others. Following her examples, managers were able to develop and built successful work teams to enhance operational goals and objectives.

On and off the job, she was always generous, insightful, enthusiastic and creative. Many subordinate employees are better professionals for having her guidance, support and her example of a true professional.

Mrs. Hobbs displayed an excellent rapport with many different constituents including individuals with different ideas and points of view. She diligently listened to and heard the message being communicated from others. She can think quickly on her feet. She is focused, competent, and a very skilled individual, who has developed effective working relationships with colleagues, community leaders, and private citizens.

Mrs. Hobbs is bright, dedicated and self-directed, quickly understanding and matching a company’s ethos and mission. Her skills were so impressive that other managers often sought her advice on how to motivate staff teams, approach new initiatives and develop strategic plans for project success.

She is ethical, forthright, discreet and fair. She can discern the difference between right and wrong. She is supremely skilled at encouraging and achieving the best performance from others. Her extraordinary interpersonal skills can facilitate effective communications avenues among all concerned parties including educating citizens on those subject matters that will most impact their lives. I have no doubt that she will be able to build a consensus of collaboration among various entities, with the ultimate goal of facilitating positive changes and better opportunities for all residents of Goochland County.

Mrs. Hobbs will bring a vast amount of knowledge, skills and talents to the Board of Supervisors as she represents the Second District. I believe that Mrs. Hobbs is an exemplary human being with the intelligence, fortitude, and compassion necessary to represent the citizens of District Two in Goochland County. So lets vote for the most qualified candidate, Wendy Hobbs for Board of Supervisors, District 2 on November 5th.

Kathryn Dickerson

Sandy Hook

District 1 candidate Neilson-Hall will hit the ground running

Dear Editor,

Today I write in support of Crystal Neilson-Hall’s candidacy for the District 1 seat on the Goochland Board of Supervisors. Crystal and I initially met nearly a decade ago working for Goochland County Public Schools, where she was an art educator and the sponsor of the National Art Honor Society. She had great rapport with her students because she showed them respect, listened to them, and valued the ideas they brought to her classroom.

Since that time, we’ve raised children together, connecting on the challenges of working motherhood.

When began her small business in agriculture, I was eager to learn more, and had the opportunity to visit her farm and see how she lovingly cared for her animals and the land, involving her whole family in this good stewardship of natural resources.

As fellow citizens committed to improving local, state, and national outcomes for our children, families, and community, I connect with Crystal often. She’s an excellent listener and sounding board, developing strong rapport with neighbors, showing them the same respect as she did to her students back when we first met.

On all issues, I’ve found her knowledgeable and thoughtful who is willing to engage alternate points of view, find common ground, and move towards action-oriented solutions. Often, she already has concrete plans to address the concern — or she works to better understand the issue and build the coalition to address it.

Crystal knows our district and can relate on multiple levels because of her experiences as an educator, parent, farmer, and business owner. Without a doubt, she’s on my metaphorical speed dial for thoughtful conversation, and she always makes the time to connect with me, despite a significant personal workload. As the saying goes, if you need something done, ask a busy woman. Her work ethic is second to none, and that’s coming from a fellow busy woman.

District 1 needs a representative that is not satisfied to just-wait-and-see what comes with forces of development over time, as is the current approach. District 1 needs someone who will speak for our needs now and intentionally work to meet them through strategic action. Specifically, Crystal shows depth of understanding of challenges surrounding rural broadband, which greatly impacts economic and educational opportunities for those of us living on the other side of the digital divide.

While our family cobbles together adequate internet access for now, it comes at a steep price in limited supply, which is not sustainable given the increasing needs of our family as my three children progress in school. I recognize that many families don’t even have the basic access we have, which hinders their productivity, potential for innovation in business, and ability to connect to vital resources in an increasingly digitally demanding environment.

And when I’ve inquired of the current state of affairs at the county level on this issue, I hear of half-hearted attempts and a lack of action on potential state grant opportunities.

Investments made in rural broadband would pay dividends and equip citizens of Goochland with greater access to opportunities our neighbors have to collaborate, connect, and contribute. The opportunity cost for inaction is just too great.

Crystal understands this and is committed to proactive solutions to this and other pressing challenges.

I hope you will join me in supporting her candidacy with your vote.

Laura Kassner


Spoonhower is the county leader District 2 needs

Dear Editor,

I wanted to write and tell you about my friend Neil. He’s running for supervisor in Goochland’s 2nd district.

I’ve known Neil for over 10 years and am proud to call him my friend. When I first attended Velocity Church Neil was one of the first people to reach out to me and invited me to join a small group he was leading. I was content to be just ‘part of the congregation’, but reluctantly accepted the invite to the small group. There, Neil showed me that just blending in with the crowd isn’t the best way to experience life. He’s been leading the Men’s ministry at Velocity for several years, and he’s taught me a lot about leadership and about giving more of myself to others.

I recently asked Neil why he wanted to get into politics. His response was “I don’t. I just want to help my community”. He’s been doing just that for years. I’ve volunteered with him at Goochland Cares where we helped paint and stock the old food bank. I’ve been on a few mission trips with Neil where we worked with locals in Haiti after the devastating earth quake there, and also with our friends in Nicaragua working with Reap Grenada. As long as I’ve known Neil, he puts others first and does what’s right.

If you’re looking for a politician to serve on your board, I’d probably suggest to look at other candidates. But, if you’re looking for a true LEADER, one with integrity, who won’t ever give up to do what’s right for you, then take a good look at Neil Spoonhower. You won’t find a better person to represent you as a community.


Jim Weinhardt


White has the right experience to lead the Sheriff’s Office

Dear Editor,

The election this year will pick a new sheriff to replace Sheriff Agnew, who has done a fine job for many years. Levin White is well qualified to replace Sheriff Agnew and will bring new vigor to the position. Mr. Creasey is a fine young man and will be well qualified in years to come. Mr. Creasey has flooded the county with his campaign signs since early spring, but signs alone do not make one well qualified to be Sheriff. Broad experience and maturity should count for a lot. I support Mr. White this time around.


J.W. Eads


Head of Goochland Democrats shares endorsements

Dear Editor,

As we enter the last week of this election cycle, it is time to talk about bringing different perspectives and voices to Goochland.

In last week’s article, we heard from different people touting the miracles that the current Board of Supervisors has performed in bringing Goochland back from the “brink”. However, when you are at the bottom, there is no place to go but up. I certainly laud the efforts made to bring Goochland back from the brink—but I also believe that artificially keeping our tax rate low and raising taxes through the back door via real estate assessments is wrong. In addition, Goochland currently has the highest personal property tax and business property tax rates in the area. The Board’s stance on broadband has also been wrong, seemingly until it is time for re-election and Goochland residents are demanding action on it. We need a change of leadership.

Districts 1 and 2 have an opportunity to vote for two excellent candidates that believe in representing their Districts and bringing their experience and drive to serve their constituents. Wendy Hobbs, a former warden and regional administrator for the VA Department of Corrections, has management experience, including overseeing $200 million budgets over her tenure. Wendy believes in fiscal responsibility and her experience in conducting financial, operational, and security audits will be assets to our county in its continuing efforts to be transparent. She has spent a lifetime in service to others and would make a highly effective Supervisor.

Crystal Neilson-Hall is running to serve as District 1 Supervisor and her constituents will benefit from her drive and passion in bringing broadband to western Goochland. She knows broadband and her constituents will be the better for it. Take for example that half the County’s newly unveiled broadband plan came from Crystal’s platform. That alone should be an endorsement for Crystal to serve as District 1 Supervisor. Her opponent’s sudden embrace of broadband in campaign materials is laughable, especially after her comments at Mizpah Church regarding broadband - the message was consistently, “we can’t do this”.

For School Board, there are two candidates who have been involved in the County schools for years. William Quarles and Sandra Barefoot-Reid. Both candidates are passionate about Goochland County Schools and have been in service to the Division for years. Sandra was a long-time employee of the Division and her last position was HR specialist and William is a former educator and currently serves as President of the Goochland Educational Foundation. In addition, William serves as the co-chair of the Goochland County Schools Minority Student Achievement Advisory Board. Both candidates bring passion and experience to the School Board and Goochland would be fortunate to have them serve.

For the House of Delegates, both Juanita Jo Matkins and Mike Asip are candidates worthy of support. Juanita Jo Matkins is running in the 56th District against John McGuire and Mike Asip is running against Lee Ware in the 65th District. Once again, broadband is the issue that differentiates the candidates. Mr. McGuire can’t seem to bring himself to break from the party line of “free markets” solving every problem. Mr. Ware, although he acknowledges that government involvement is key to ensuring access to reliable broadband, was also quick to say that it should be the federal government doing the work, abdicating any responsibility at the state level. I would note that he said this in direct response to a question I asked during a visit to the Capitol last Spring. Ms. Matkins and Mr. Asip know how important broadband is and will work diligently to make sure their constituents get it.

The Goochland Democratic Committee has endorsed Mike Caudill for Commonwealth’s Attorney. We support his work in ending the prison pipeline for people addicted to opioids and other drugs. We also support his professionalism in following the rule of law to ensure that everyone is treated equally and justice is served. He is currently the Vice Chair for the Rural Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition and has been a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for the past four years. It is our hope that the future Sheriff will join the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force so together they may be able protect our most precious resource—our children.

Finally, Sebastian Volcker is running for Monacan Soil and Water Conservation District Director. He is a farmer, small business owner and longtime Goochland resident who will bring a great depth of farming and river management knowledge to the Monacan Soil and Water Conservation Board.

I am pleased to endorse all of these candidates as Chair of the Goochland Democratic Committee.

Although the Goochland Democratic Committee has chosen not to endorse a Sheriff candidate this year I would like to give my personal endorsement to Levin White. Mr. White is the logical choice for Sheriff. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to that position. For me, the election of Sheriff is about the resume. Holding the title of Sergeant is not enough to warrant earning the title of Sheriff. I also happen to value experience from outside the county, we need a Sheriff that has experience working with outside law enforcement agencies and who, as a long-time resident, also knows our County. Finally, it is about keeping Goochland safe. From the beginning of the campaign, Mr. White has talked about the need for Goochland’s participation in the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the need for SRO’s in all of the County schools, preparation for increased growth and the increased criminal activity that inevitably accompanies it, and implicit bias training for deputies. Levin White is the clear choice for Sheriff.


Tina Winkler


Spoonhower will be champion for Goochland residents

Dear Editor,

I’ve always believed local politics is where the rubber meets the road for making a day-to-day difference in our communities. I was instantly intrigued when my friend, Neil Spoonhower, told me about his intent to run for the position of County Supervisor for Goochland County. I can’t think of a better person well-suited for this kind of leadership role.

As a Pastor in the Richmond area for over a decade, Neil instantly became an integral part of our church’s leadership culture. He’s naturally a strategic thinker and a roll-up-your-sleeves problem solver. His background in the military and over 20 years as a manager locally for Capital One has developed his broad leadership skillset that would be well leveraged to serve the citizens of Goochland County.

Coupled with his business leadership acumen is his genuine concern for people. I found Neil to be what I’d call an “All-In” kind of guy when it comes to caring for and serving people. It was no surprise to me that he successfully trained for and became a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children (CASA). This role is a perfect example of both caring deeply for people with a need and finding a way to get something done about it. I’d think that’s exactly what you’d want for your citizens in a County Supervisor.

Even though I’m not a resident of Goochland County, I’m following your elections closely this Fall. I’m praying that Neil is elected to serve in this role, not only to be able to use his natural gifts and talents to serve in this way but also that your community would be the beneficiary of his servant leadership example.


Pastor Tim Cole

Sheriff Candidate’s Resumes Present Stark Differences

I’m sure that somewhere in the current issue of The Goochland Gazette, you will find multiple letters to the editor supporting Steven Creasey for Sheriff. I’m sure you will hear what a wonderful family man he is, a life long resident of Goochland, whose kids go to Goochland schools, who is totally devoted to the county and has been in the Sheriff’s department for quite some time as deputy and sergeant. As many other authors of letters have attested, not one of those aforementioned qualities makes Mr. Creasey qualified to run the Sheriff’s Department. It is well known that the current Sheriff, Mr. Agnew, is one of Mr. Creasey’s largest campaign contributors (I’m told roughly $15,000) and has written multiple letters extolling Mr. Creasey’s virtues while virtually condemning his opponent, Mr. Levin White. What confuses me about Mr. Agnew’s significant involvement in Mr. Creasey’s campaign is that if Mr. Creasey is so highly qualified, why didn’t Mr. Agnew ever promote him past the level of Sergeant which Mr. Creasey has held for roughly a decade?

Shouldn’t the Sheriff of our county be the man most qualified to lead that department? Wouldn’t we all want the candidate that had the most experience in enforcing laws, fighting crime, investigating thefts, felonies, assaults, sale of illegal drugs, sex trafficking and murders to be the one we task with keeping us safe? If you compare the resumes of the two men running for Sheriff, the scales come down heavily in favor of Mr. Levin White. When asked specifically at a forum that Mr. Creasey chose not to attend, a question about his experience with homicide cases, Mr. White said, “I can’t tell you an exact number but it’s well over 100, it might even be closer to 200!”. This statement is backed up by the fact that Mr. White has received “Salute to Excellence”, Unit Citations from the Richmond City Chief of Police for exceptional performance by the Homicide/Aggravated Assault Unit! The same questioner noted that there are a bunch of unsolved murder cases in the county, some dating back for years. Mr. White expressed his intent to pursue them to conclusion as the new Sheriff.

Mr. White has won multiple “Salute to Excellence” awards during his years with the Richmond Police Department, including ones for his detective work in assault and armed robbery cases and for his role as part of a Special Focus Mission Team put together to perform a specific task. He also has been singled out for Excellent Police Duty awards, examples of which are for an “intelligent act materially contributing to a valuable police accomplishment and for submission of a devise or method to increase efficiency in administrative or tactical procedures, which illustrates the creativity that Mr. White can bring to the Sheriff’s department in Goochland. Mr. White’s resume extends to multi-year experience in pursuing public fraud and corruption, working in the Virginia State Office of the Inspector General. It was Mr. White who played in a key role in the 2017 decision that saw the Virginia Department of Social Services have to settle with the United States government to the tune of $7 million for submitting false SNAP claims over a 3-year period. Add in Mr. White’s experience in working illegal narcotics and sex trafficking cases and you have someone we would be lucky to have as the Sheriff of Goochland. Mr. Agnew has said that Goochland doesn’t have those kinds of crimes in the county. If anyone believes that Goochland is insulated from these types of crimes, with the rapid growth we are seeing in the Eastern part of the county, then they have their head in the sand.

Fellow Goochlanders, look past all the mudslinging and false accusations made against Mr. White. He has served the citizens of this state admirably, consistently, and with high praise. Compare his resume with that of Mr. Creasey. Honestly, there is no comparison. You may want Mr. Creasey for your neighbor but into who’s hands do you want to put the safety of your home, family and county? Please vote for Levin White for Sheriff on November 5th. His record of public service has earned your vote!

Ann James


Asip is the right choice for delegate

Dear Editor,

It takes courage, determination, and optimism to run for State Delegate in a district that has been represented by one individual for the past 20 years. Powhatan resident Mike Asip possesses those qualities and more. Mike has been working tirelessly to meet with and introduce himself to voters of House of Delegates District 65 which includes parts of surrounding counties and all of Powhatan County.

As a former special education teacher, middle school principal, and Director of Exceptional Education for Chesterfield County Public Schools, Mike has been and continues to be a leader and determined advocate for students with disabilities and their families. Advocacy and social justice are part of Mike’s DNA.

Mike has decided to run for State Delegate because he passionately believes in social justice and equality, a strong public education system, access to health care for all and strong environmental protections. Mike believes that medical care is a right and not just privilege for those who can afford it.

Mike’s campaign relies on the generosity of time and money from family, friends, and community organization with which he has been associated. His campaign does not benefit from big dollar donations from corporations, businesses or lobbyists. Interested readers are referred to the Virginia Public Access Project ( to see who is spending money to influence the election in House of Delegates District 65. You won’t see donations from Mega- Landfill Corporations such as Waste Management or Republic Services on Mike Asip’s list of donors. Mike will work to balance the interests of families with those of employers.

An article from the 9/3/2019 issue of US News and World Report reports that “Virginia is Worst State for Worker’s Rights.” It’s time that focused attention be given to workers in the Commonwealth and by extension to their families. Mike will always put people first. Please vote Mike Asip for Delegate on November 5th.

Kevin Halligan

Powhatan County

Spoonhower will be great leader for Goochland

After recently moving from Glen Allen to Goochland, I was pleased to see Neil Spoonhower running for Supervisor. We worked closely together throughout his career at Capital One, and I was consistently impressed by his character and ability to make life better for those around him. 


Neil has many years of experience inspiring people as a people manager, leading with heart as a true servant leader. He truly listens to those around him, finding creative solutions to help people and make them feel special. I have full confidence in his ability to deliver great things for the people of District Two so wanted to share my experience with you.


Thank you for your time,

Helen Owens 


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