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The Mechanicsville Local Letters to the Editor: Week of 6/17/2020

The Mechanicsville Local Letters to the Editor: Week of 6/17/2020

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HCPS must change names of L-DHS, SJMSl

Hanover County Public Schools must change the names of Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School.

Our children deserve to learn in an environment where they are valued and respected.

Our teachers and support staff deserve to work in buildings that show our respect for their dedication to their vocation and students.

Buildings named for Confederate figures can never represent safe, equitable, respectful spaces for our community. They will always represent division, hate and oppression.

Now is the time to begin a new, inclusive era in Hanover County.

April Barlett


Statue removal: disgraceful and shameful

The decision of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to remove the stature of General Robert E. Lee that has been on Monument Avenue since 1890 is not only disgraceful, but is shameful of a Virginia governor.

General Robert E. Lee was not only a good man, but also a Godly Christian man.

Douglas Southall Freeman, former editor of the Richmond News Leader and author of the four volumes of “R.E. Lee”, establishes that General Lee was one of the finest Virginians that ever lived.

It is my prayer that the editors of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Mechanicsville Local will strongly oppose this decision by Governor Northam and your readers by the thousands will let this city and state know of their disapproval of this terrible decision.

Hopefully, enough Richmonders, as well as Virginians, will take this matter to court so that this terrible decision will be overturned.

This current practice of trying to rewrite history is stupid.

People from all over the world come to Richmond to drive down Monument Avenue and glory in its beauty and impressive historical statues.

To destroy all that is not only foolish but historically shortsighted.

Rev. Dr. Charles B.

Nunn Jr.


Letter makes good points on quarantine

That was a very good letter by Wilma Lawrence that “Citizens should decide whether to quarantine.” She makes some very good points in reference to our democracy.

In fact, thousands of protesters across the country have made that their message.

However, in the case of a serious pandemic without any hope of a vaccine anytime soon, and without and medicine to stem the tide, it may be best to let the expert scientists and those familiar with this situation over many years advise our authorities about the use of masks and social distancing until we see signs that the virus is not spreading as fast as it was.

Then the localities that show a leveling off or a drop can open up the gates, but with caution and decisions about what business and activities can open, and under what conditions.

Ronald D. Reed


Identity labeling flawed

Undoubtedly, the high-profile viciousness Derek Chauvin unleashed to cause George Floyd’s death will be severely punished.

This horrific crime and other instances of Caucasian policemen applying excessive force to subdue African-Americans creates the perception that random, racial profiling is standard behavior in law enforcement. But is this reality?

Given the media’s healthy appetite for rogue cop stories, the relatively few instances brought to the public’s attention suggests that racially-inspired police brutality is merely a by-product of the laws of probability and inadequate psychological filtering of potential misfits before handing out badges, weapons and authority.

If nothing else, perhaps Floyd’s death will lead to continued improvement in screening applicants.

Irrespective of Floyd’s race, peaceful protests aimed at spotlighting Derek Chauvin’s behavior are necessary and appropriate.

The destruction of property, looting and other violence instigated by anarchist ringleaders are quite the opposite.

In all likelihood, the felonious backlash had little to do with concern over Floyd and instead a result of motivated opportunists taking advantage of a situation.

As for identity-labelling groups based on the actions of a few, society would be best served by purging the concept; among other groupings in society such as racial that would benefit, law enforcement agencies would also be included.

Certainly, the embers of bigotry are not completely extinguished in America; racial integration continues to evolve after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. blazed the long-awaited trail in the 1950s and ’60s with the support of Christian-spirited Caucasians.

Today, most Americans rightly condemn racism.

Regrettably, the initiative to remove historic Civil War memorials is nothing more than a political gesture that cannot heal the emotional scar from centuries of social injustice inflicted upon African-Americans.

The only proven salve is how we treat each other, found in Holy Scripture, not in a government handbook.

Daniel Corso


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