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From the Archives: Richmond's oldest pet cemetery

From the Archives: Richmond's oldest pet cemetery

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Pet Memorial Park is located in a West End Neighborhood off of Terrell Road. The pet cemetery was established in 1935 and is the oldest in the Richmond area. The cemetery was started by a local family and was the only one in the area until 1967. The SPCA took over Pet Memorial in the 1970s but eventually surrendered it to a private owner because maintenance costs were too high.

In 1984, it cost anywhere from $350 to $500 to bury a pet. This included a small “pet-sized” plot, a sealed casket with a lace-edged pillow, and an engraved granite marker.

In its "heyday" during the 1930s, the cemetery served as the final resting place for several “mostly aristocratic and pedigreed dogs…resting in silk-lined metal caskets and cared for in a luxurious style which many less fortunate human beings might well envy.”

Lady Wonder, a horse believed to have been psychic was buried there in 1957 with a full funeral service and over 20 guests.


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