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    The Democratic leaders of both congressional chambers are urging supporters and detractors of former President Donald Trump alike to let the case against him peacefully run its course in court. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic House leader Hakeem Jeffries, both from New York, released a statement Friday saying Trump’s indictment must “play out through the legal process, without any outside political or ideological interference.” That was a departure from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The California Republican suggested that the nation’s core legal values were being undermined.

      The historic federal criminal case against former President Donald Trump has been assigned to a judge he appointed who faced blistering criticism over her earlier pro-Trump handling of a search warrant in his case. A person familiar with the development confirmed Friday the case was assigned to Judge Aileen Cannon, who issued a ruling last year granting Trump's request for an independent arbiter to review documents obtained during an FBI search of his Florida estate. Many legal experts saw her ruling as extraordinary and unusually broad, and it was later overturned on appeal. Cannon is a former federal prosecutor who was nominated to the bench by Trump in 2020.


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