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Charlottesville five years later, part 2 | After the Monuments podcast

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In this episode, Kelli Lemon and Michael Paul Williams talk with Wes Bellamy, former vice mayor of Charlottesville and former member of the Charlottesville City Council. Bellamy was a central figure during the Unite the Right rally and the removal of two of that city's Confederate monuments. He recalls the taunts and intimidation rally organizers showed toward him leading up to the rally.

About After the Monuments

Co-hosted by Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist Michael Paul Williams and Kelli Lemon, After the Monuments captures the zeitgeist of a nation struggling to move from symbolic to substantive change on racial issues.

The podcast analyzes current events about race through a historical context, examining the ideas of leading Black thinkers over time, and encouraging broader and deeper insights into racial tensions, divisions and reconciliation.

Williams and Lemon, both with the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Richmond, Va., engage with a wide range of guests to bring context, relevance and resonance to events, going well beyond breaking-news headlines.

Columns of RTD's Michael Paul Williams that won him a Pulitzer Prize

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The original opponent of the Robert E. Lee statue issued a stern prophesy after the monument was erected in 1890.

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We should have known this day was coming, because they knew this day was coming.

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Christopher Columbus survived multiple voyages across the high seas. But his Richmond statue met an inglorious end at the bottom of a Byrd Park lake.

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When a crane raised the 17 1/2 foot bronze statue off the granite pedestal, the weight of Richmond history became more bearable. But there's much heavier lifting to be done.

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Hanover County appears intent to live on in infamy as the Prince Edward County of the 21st Century.

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The moral arc bending toward justice is visible from Hill Monument Parkway, a North Side street named for the Confederate general.

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Statues to the Confederate president, generals, soldiers and sailors have fallen by the wayside.


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