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Election 2020 and the 4th Congressional District: A Q&A with Leon Benjamin

Election 2020 and the 4th Congressional District: A Q&A with Leon Benjamin

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Leon Benjamin, Republican

Part of the challenge of serving in Congress is finding consensus amid a diverse set of 435 districts. What issues do you think are most necessary to fight for in your district?

The top issues that I’ll be fighting for in the 4th Congressional District are educational opportunities, fostering economic growth, supporting a safe public environment and supporting recovery for the U.S. from the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has accelerated challenges for families across the commonwealth. How would you grade Congress’ work in helping Americans get through the pandemic? Identify some successes and failures.

I would give Congress a C+ on its work handling the pandemic. At the start, the CARES Act was a strong package that provided direct relief to American industry and the American people.

However, since then the Democrats passed the HEROES Act that is full of wasted spending and horrible policy. Since they passed that bill, they have stalled every negotiation attempt. That’s not what the American people need or want.

With two-year terms and never-ending campaign cycles, members of the Virginia delegation are fortunate to be based near Washington, D.C. How would you budget time spent in D.C. versus home?

People are policy, and my main focus would be on spending time in the district listening to the needs of my constituents. In central Virginia, we are fortunate to be close to our capital and I would not neglect that privilege. When I am needed in Washington, I will be there; all other times I plan to be in my district.

How will you vote for the proposed constitutional amendment about redistricting — “yes” or “no” — and why?

I will be voting “yes” on Amendment 1. Whether Democrats or Republicans are in power, a fair and honest assessment of the districts is needed. I support a nonpartisan board that is appointed on merit, not the whims of the party in power.

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