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Election 2020 and the 7th Congressional District: A Q&A with Nick Freitas

Election 2020 and the 7th Congressional District: A Q&A with Nick Freitas

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Part of the challenge of serving in Congress is finding consensus amid a diverse set of 435 districts. What issues do you think are most necessary to fight for in your district?

Defeating COVID-19, safely reopening the economy and making permanent the temporary regulatory cuts we’ve seen since the pandemic began are the most important issues facing our district today.

If elected, my primary goal from day one will be to find ways that help our local businesses recover from the pandemic and the government-imposed lockdowns that have crippled our economy for the past six months. It’s why the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the largest association of small businesses in America, has endorsed my campaign.

COVID-19 has accelerated challenges for families across the commonwealth. How would you grade Congress’ work in helping Americans get through the pandemic? Identify some successes and failures.

I would rate the House of Representatives’ response to COVID-19 to be an abject failure. At a time when the American people are suffering on a scale we scarcely have seen in modern history, Congress has chosen to spend millions bailing out politically connected institutions like the Kennedy Center, while ignoring the people who need help the most.

Throughout this entire pandemic, my opponent has refused to condemn her own party’s attempts to use this crisis as a means to allocate more federal spending on its own pet projects, rather than do the serious work of helping our families and businesses navigate their way through these challenging times.

With two-year terms and never-ending campaign cycles, members of the Virginia delegation are fortunate to be based near Washington, D.C. How would you budget time spent in D.C. versus home?

I look at serving in Congress the same way I do serving in the Virginia House of Delegates.

If elected, I intend to spend the bulk of my time in my district and with my constituents. Our founders believed government works best when it’s closest to the people.

Avoiding the “Beltway Bubble” mentality that so many other members of Congress have fallen into, my opponent included, is a top priority for me. We will make timely and effective responsiveness to constituent services a top priority.

How will you vote for the proposed constitutional amendment about redistricting — “yes” or “no” — and why?

I voted twice to send this constitutional amendment to the people of Virginia for ratification, and I have already voted for it when I cast my ballot early in-person. I believe the voters should choose their politicians, not the other way around.

Virtually every critic of this amendment in the General Assembly voted for it in 2019. What changed? The language of the amendment didn’t. The only thing that’s different in 2020 from 2019 is which party controls the legislature.

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