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Letter to the Editor, April 27, 2020: City leaders must focus on most basic problems

Letter to the Editor, April 27, 2020: City leaders must focus on most basic problems

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City leaders must focus

on most basic problems

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I live in the city of Richmond, went to college at Virginia Commonwealth University and my business is in the city. I love this city. Lately, I find myself increasingly disappointed — sometimes even embarrassed — by the inability of the city government to address the most basic aspects of governing.

Why do we have the worst school system in the commonwealth? These schoolchildren will someday be our neighbors, employers, employees and those responsible for fixing tomorrow’s problems. Education should be the city’s No. 1 priority.

Why are the streets of Richmond in such horrible condition? It’s not just a matter of increasing the budget; it is finding the money and performing the repairs the right way, not just piling asphalt in a hole.

Why does the city hold nonessential real estate that’s underutilized and costs money for maintenance, with no tax revenue? We should sell these properties to taxpayers, who can make them useful and productive, adding jobs and much-needed tax revenue.

These days, Richmond seems to represent waste and neglect; weak responses to essential problems; lack of business expertise; procrastination and politics instead of action and results.

We are the capital city of Virginia. We should be the shining example and the epitome of what the commonwealth has to offer. We are not. Why?

One administration after another has ignored these issues. The city needs leadership that knows how to run a business – the business of government – and needs to know how to set priorities, manage finances, mobilize resources and get results.

As we head into another election, we should stay focused. Fix the schools — keep them fixed. Fix the streets — keep them fixed. Solve these issues and the good things about Richmond will only get better.

Mark Motley.



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