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Letter to the Editor, Aug. 3, 2020: Act now to stave off coming climate disaster

Letter to the Editor, Aug. 3, 2020: Act now to stave off coming climate disaster

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Act now to stave off

coming climate disaster

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I read with interest and great concern RTD meteorologist John Boyer’s news story on the persistence of very hot days in July in Richmond.

It was startling that no day in July ever was cooler than 66 degrees. If that does not get the attention of the general public concerning global warming, I am not sure what would.

Apparently the world is warming even though the amount of energy recently hit a 30-year low.

If we, with the United States leading, do not address this issue, our children and grandchildren will be living on a very different and hot planet. Waiting for poor nations to stop using cheap coal, gas and oil is not realistic.

The really hard question is: What can be done now to prevent a disaster later without causing a drastic negative effect on the economy? This situation is very similar to the action needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Act soon and decisively or we — meaning our children and future generations — will suffer the consequences.

One of the most effective and innovative actions that immediately could be taken is to impose a small but increasing fee per ton of carbon on all fossil fuel energy sources — and return the fee to each household each month. This economically would encourage using less of these energy sources, make alternative energy sources more competitive and help industries plan for the future, while increasing the expendable income of lower-income households. There is a bill in Congress to do exactly that.

Will our leaders pass this legislation soon enough? Will enough of the public contact members of Congress to support this legislation and prevent a long-term disaster? A democracy requires that citizens get involved. Will the public get involved before it is too late? Only time will tell.

L. Fred Roensch.



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