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Letter to the Editor, Dec. 2, 2019: Board should reconsider impact of industrial park

Letter to the Editor, Dec. 2, 2019: Board should reconsider impact of industrial park

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Board should reconsider

impact of industrial park

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

The CedarLea Park community in Hanover County is unique because of its picturesque countrylike setting. However, the current plans for the Cedar Lane Industrial Park threaten to negatively affect the pleasant “feel” of our subdivision and surrounding areas.

Despite the plans initially submitted and approved by Hanover County, the developer now refuses to include an entrance off U.S. Route 1, choosing instead to make the only entrance (and exit) to the large-scale industrial park located on a rural, two-lane road, which is the main route to several residential communities, including mine. The developer also plans to eliminate the trees acting as a natural screen to the area. It seems the developer is unfamiliar with our beautiful county, as Cedar Lane is not suited for tractor-trailers at all hours of the day. The current plan will completely devastate this small residential road, force residents into ridiculous traffic congestion and impair our safety.

I appreciate Hanover County’s effort to bring in employment opportunities to our county. However, I also believe that proposed large industrial developments should be constructed such that negative impact to surrounding residential communities is minimized — especially if that can be accomplished with minimal effort and funding. In this case, not utilizing a four-lane road fronting a major portion of the proposed site makes little sense. What is more appropriate: using an existing industrial road that can safely and appropriately accommodate entry and egress of industrial traffic, or destroying the nature of a picturesque country road because the developer wants to save money? I ask that the Board of Supervisors consider the needs of its citizens, rather than the developer’s bottom line, in making its final decision and impose requirements on this project to restore the balance between the two.

Anna M. Kotas.

Glen Allen.

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